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Leatherbound Hardcover
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Leather Bound
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452 pages
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Vampires infesting the mayoral office. Lycanthropes prowling the suburbs. Another kraken making its way upstate along the river. Crazed cultists masquerading as door­to­door religious nuts. Every one of them edging the world one more step toward the next demonic apocalypse.

In your line of work, that’s called Tuesday.

In Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors, you play the titular Demon Hunters, who are members of an ancient Brotherhood tasked with defending the world from the forces of darkness. Using magical spells, huge guns, mad science, and ninja skills, you and the others in your Brotherhood chapter respond to threats straight out of myths and legend, occasionally screwing up big time.

When creating a character, you decide what approaches to fighting bad guys are your strongest, and which are your weakest. You rank your expertise in various fields of Brotherhood lore and training, including the mystic arts, covert operations, or combat and tactics. Finally, you select a set of character­defining aspects and stunts that give you the edge you need in kicking demon butt.

Lock and load, baby.

This book — packed with tabletop roleplaying rules based on the Fate RPG system — has everything you need for playing Demon Hunters and creating badass adventures so they can strut their stuff. Produced as a result of a highly successful Kickstarter project, it’s got random charts, monster stats, examples, illustrations, page numbers, and a ton of fancy words. But best of all, it’s got you and your imagination to kick off one hell of a good time.

Dice not included.

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