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Board Game: Star Strike Vessel Compendium #3: Imperial Ships
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From publisher blurb:

Vessel Compendium #3 - Imperial Ships

The two Imperial Destroyers shunted out of Hyperspace 30 minutes ago. Now, at maximum velocity, they hurtle toward a small moon thought to be supplying war materiel to an upstart Minor Clan.
On the bridge of the lead Destroyer, Captain Harg Burly is nervous. Most of his original squadron's ships have been lost over the past year; unexpected traps and rebel forces have taken their toll.
" Captain," the Destroyer's Detection Officer calls out, "they have a supply transport just leaving orbit.
They're not expecting us!" Burly isn't so sure.
The Captain snaps his orders: "Communications, hail our number two. Tell them to make their attack run. On the first pass we'll fly cover.
" Detections, start scanning the atmosphere below us." Burly is hardly surprised when a score of lights shine on the monitor: "Clan SMAC Fighters: . . . "

Vessel Compendium #3.

Whether arming an insignificant frontier garrison or a complete Imperial Starmada, Imperial Ships have made their presence felt across the Imperium. Imperial Transtar is the largest, most renowned starcraft producer in known space. Its inventory of deep space craft spans every ship class, from the smallest SMAC Fighter to Orbital Stations and Fleet Carriers. No starfarer can afford to ignore these state-of-the-art transports and warships.
For use with either your 2nd Edition Space Master: The Role Playing Game campaign or Space Master: Star Strike battles, this compendium includes the stats for:
  • 1 Fleet Carrier
  • 3 Cruisers
  • 2 Destroyers
  • 2 Frigates
  • 2 MMAC Gunboats
  • 2 TMAC Fighters
  • 2 SMAC Fighters
  • 3 SurveylExploration Vessels
  • 3 Transports
  • 2 Liners
  • 1 Freighter
  • 1 Scout
  • 1 Orbital Station
Also included are:
  • Space Master: RPG Adventures
  • 11 Mini-adventures for use with the ships in this product

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect. It is a searchable pdf