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OneBookShelf hardcover reprint (remastered from scan)
Publisher: Pagan Publishing
Year: 2012
Hard Cover
Product Code: PAG1008
ISBN-10: 1887797122
ISBN-13: 978-1887797122
440 pages
Size: Letter
2.20 pounds
Link Image
Scanned PDF of 2012 HC Reprint
Publisher: Pagan Publishing
Year: 2012
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: PAG1008
ISBN-13: 9781887797122
439 pages
Size: 7.88 x 10.50 inches
Link Image
Soft Cover
Publisher: Pagan Publishing
Year: 1999
Soft Cover
Product Code: PAG1008
ISBN-10: 1887797122
ISBN-13: 978-1887797122
424 pages
Size: Letter
2.20 pounds
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From the back cover:

No Future - Get used to the taste of ashes.

The Countdown to the apocalypse has begun. As our darkened globe spins through the eternal night, the lasting legacy of the human race is nothing but a scream--drowned out by the roar of destiny devouring us all. This is your last chance to show the cosmos what it means to be human: the will to fight.

Delta Green: Countdown blows the doors off the world of Delta Green, reaching wider and digging deeper to map the terrain of the twisted pulp apocalypse we call the dawning of the 21st century. Brace yourself for the final world order: The Insects of Shaggai, alien parasites subverting the leadership of a nation; PISCES, the U.K.'s attempt to harness the unknown; The Army of the Third Eye, terrorists fighting a bloody battle against alien invaders; GRU SV-8, a band of desperate operatives fighting darkness in the ruins of Russia; The Skoptsi, occult fanatics with an eight-hundred-year legacy; The OUTLOOK Group, where Majestic-12 tests its elite; Phenomen-X, a syndicated TV news show that pokes its camera in all the wrong places; Tiger Transit, a former CIA airline now in the clutches of a Tcho-Tcho drug cartel; The D Stacks at the American Museum of Natural History, where Dr. Jensen Wu classifies the unclassifiable; The Keepers of the Faith, traditionalist ghouls fighting the lean and hungry Heretic ghouls beneath the streets of Manhattan; and The Hastur Mythos, a twisted skein of surreal destruction weaving its way through humanity.

Plus: New skills; new spells; new Mythos tomes; rules for psychics; a microbiologist's dossiers on paranormal lifeforms; profiles of international intelligence and law-enforcement agencies; dozens of useful NPCs; two scenarios; a short campaign; and more.

More Information Edit | History

The scenarios "A Victim of the Art" and "Night Floors" from this supplement are also available as separate, free electronic publications (PDF).

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Pg. 58
13 Places of Interest in Brichester

A series of shops, flats and public buildings of Mythos and adventuring interest in Brichester in the Severn

Pg. 12
A Brief Summary of known Great Old One-worshipping Cults and Independent Agents in the British Isles - Part 1

Cultist groups on the PISCES watch list, Part 1.

Pg. 28
Dangerous Places: RAF Hobwwod Stourbridge, West Midlands

An abandoned airfield and its unusual inhabitant - a mini-adventure or location for any modern Cthulhu

Pg. 82
Dangerous Places: Stranger's Race, Vobster, Somerset

An ancient turf-cut maze guards a portal to somewhere nasty, in this mini-adventure.

Pg. 64
An Interview with Gary Sumpter

Gary Sumpter, a writer of many Chaosium Cthulhu supplements is interviewed by The Black Seal.

Pg. 76
Investigator Templates

British investigator templates for Cthulhu Now, Delta Green and PISCES in particular.

Pg. 14
Missing Persons: PISCES Magonia Facility

A remote base in the Outer Hebrides, used for a number of secret purposes by PISCES. Includes adventure hooks and

Pg. 30
Perfidious Albion: PISCES Operation in the United States

The history of PISCES operations with Delta Green and in the US, and current secret groups used for intelligence

Pg. 4
PISCES: Her Majesty's Watchmen

\"The Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counter-intelligence, Espionage & Sabotage is the oldest

Pg. 108
Role-Playing Reviews

A review of new RPG products (The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep; Delta Green, and more!)

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