100 Sci-Fi Gangs (2020)

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RPG Item: 100 Sci-Fi Gangs
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100 Sci-Fi Gangs
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RPG Item: 100 Sci-Fi Gangs
PDF Version
Publisher: Azukail Games
Year: 2020
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Product Code: AGNPC0024
21 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

The cities rise to the sky, their spires of concrete, glass and steel alight with the promise of all the future may hold. But no matter how advanced technology gets, people will never change. As long as there is something deemed off-limits there are going to be those willing to buy it, sell it, trade it and do it. And as long as there are credits to be made, there are going to be gangs willing to do what it takes to put that money in their pockets.

Whether you're in a gritty cyberpunk cityscape, or an interstellar setting where distance is measured in light years instead of miles, these gangs will give you a little something to spice up your game with. From the backstreet racers of Octane 6, to high-tech low lifes of the Iron Brotherhood, there's something in here for every game set in the sci-fi future!

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

Black Knights: Some gangs cover themselves in colors and symbols, making sure they've got their heraldry on full display. The Black Knights don't need to. In their ballistic weave plate carriers, with batons on one hip and shooters slung on the other, they're recognizable at three dozen yards. While this gang has done dirty deeds for half a dozen different outfits, there are lines they won't cross; a kind of honor code that's earned them respect even from their rivals. More than just not crossing those lines, though, the Black Knights enact retribution on those who have crossed said lines, and not been properly punished for their transgressions. Traffickers, abusive pimps, child abusers and others have all mysteriously dropped off the radar when the Black Knights came for them. Some reappeared, bloody and beaten, eager to confess their crimes to the security forces so they could be arrested. Others were never seen again.

Roaches: Made up of the worst scum ever to get caught in the drains, the Roaches simply will not die. Known for doing any dirty deed no matter how repugnant, the Roaches actually subcontract a lot of street dealing, transport and enforcement duties for more successful outfits... as long as they keep it on the down-low about who they're working for. Because a lot of gangs are more than happy to let them take the risks, but they don't want anyone else knowing they're shaking hands with the Roaches behind the scenes.

Redliners: Boomers and arsonists, the Redliners combine their love of mayhem with the industrial stock exchange to create a match made in hell. This gang is alleged to have helped traders short stocks while sabotaging company prototypes, destroying supply chains, wrecking pipelines and doing all manner of malicious things that can funnel money into their and their allies' pockets. The advantage of working with such high-powered corporate interests is that, in addition to getting a share of the spoils, when members of the gang are arrested there's always a team of high-powered suits ready to show up and take their case. There's no way to track the lawyers back to the Redliners' allies, but they understand the nature of their working relationship.

Burners: The easiest way to get caught is to pull the same job again and again; that's why the Burners don't do repeat performances. This gang's teams are always changing as they take on one-timers and contractors, using single-service phones, terminals and even weapons to make sure there's no way to trace the tools back to them. When the job is done everyone takes their cut, and goes their separate ways. The Burners aren't even on most security force's radars, because everything they do looks like random, unconnected crimes rather than the acts of a single, coordinated core. Which is, of course, by design.

The Five Rings: An organization of fences, the Five Rings are the ones who set the value for stolen property of all sorts in the areas they control. Guided by a code of secrecy, the Five Rings hold no favor for any buyer or seller, or the circumstances that brought them to the syndicate. The organization ensures that all trades are kept blind, and there have been several times when wealthy buyers have had valuable art, jewelry or heirlooms stolen from them, only to have to buy them back from the Five Rings. Out of respect, however, the gang always gives the injured party the chance to make a closed bid on important, personal goods. If negotiations fail, however, then the items will go to a much broader, general auction.

One page is the front cover, one page the front matter and half a page is ads.

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