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Softcover Version
Publisher: Corridor Digital
Year: 2019
Soft Cover
ISBN-10: 0998379417
ISBN-13: 978-0998379418
192 pages
Size: Digest
0.65 pounds
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From the back of the book:

Your mind is now the ultimate gaming engine.

Ditch the remote. Ditch the controller.

Explore worlds and stories through a revolutionary single-player role-playing system that pushes your imagination beyond its furthest limits.

Experiences now within your reach: Adventure, Space, Dungeons, Trucks, The Visitor, The Alamo, Murder Night, Your Job, Chess, Another Life.

Publisher's blurb:

Top 10 Games You Can Play In Your Head, By Yourself, is a collection of visionary author J. Theophrastus Bartholomew's most cherished mind-games, edited and updated by filmmaker and storyteller Sam Gorski and author D. F. Lovett.

No peripherals needed. No controllers. No pens. No dice or boards. Everything you need to experience the forefront of game design is right here between these pages.

What is a mind-game? Great Question!

A mind-game is a game where you control the characters, the world, and every thing in between - a breathing, living story. A story that you can create on your own, and come back to time after time. A story with surprises that you will plant for yourself to find later, and never be the wiser!

What will happen in your game? It's up to you to find out!

User summary:

The games in this book are extracted from a much larger, fourteen volume series of similar games. Each game presents an introduction and poses several questions to establish and customize your character. Next, each game presents a situation and poses questions to establish your motivation and goals. Finally, each game presents a few non-player characters and possible complications. From this point forward, the remainder of the game is played entirely in the imagination of the single player.

While each game offers structure and setup, there are no rules, per se. The meta-game Shadows and Treasures presents a type of shadow world of the imagination where significant items from other games in the book can be transported and stored.

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