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Publisher: Matt Kay Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
5 pages
Size: 11.93 x 8.50 inches
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Publisher Blurb:

SETTINGS: Like any other rules-light game, Year Zero Mini (YZM) is designed to provide a light framework to allow you to quickly jump into your favourite setting. Where other rules-light games might emphasise action or heroics, YZM is a little more down to earth - telling stories of a more gritty and relatable nature.

Using the Year Zero Engine (soon to be covered by an OGL from Fria Ligan), this game uses pools of standard six-sided dice, and success is measured by any 6s showing up in a roll. You won't find target numbers, complicated mechanics, or funky dice here. We want this game to be accessible to a wide range of people!

YZM is best experienced in one-shots, convention games, or short campaigns (around a dozen sessions). For longer-term play, keep an eye out for Year Zero Lite, the big brother to YZM coming out later in 2019!

INFLUENCES: YZM distills Tales From the Loop (the lightest of the Year Zero games by Fria Ligan) down to its essence, sprinkles it with a little Burning Wheel and Alas for the Awful Sea (an awesome PBTA game), and smoothes it all out to create an extremely light & story-driven framework.

CONTENTS: Condensed down to only four A4 pages (plus a title page), YZM is a quick read which will help you hit the ground running! It is likewise free from artwork and backgrounds, intended to be printed out double-sided. Inside you'll find:

• Page 1 covers character creation.

• Page 2 contains the rules.

• Page 3 has GM advice for running YZM.

• Page 4 has advice on preparing your setting.

SETTINGS: There are already a number of settings available for YZM. You can find all of them on our website, but here are the ones currently on DTRPG:

• Fiends & Furrows by Odd Bard Games

• Riptide by Odd Bard Games

FIND OUT MORE: You can find additional content (including settings) on our website. You'll find the link in the PDF. In addition, there are groups for YZM on Facebook, MeWe, Discord, and Reddit.

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