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Publisher: Print and Play Gamer
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: OSR001
32 pages
Size: Digest
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From publisher blurb:

One first level spell...

That's all you get as a first-level Magic-User on an old-school dungeon run. Fire your one Magic Missile, and you're done for the adventuring day. At least it frees you up to make the pizza run...

Cantrips give you options!

Cantrips are lesser magical invocations mages practice to hone their skills and master new spells. A wizardling casts his cantrips dozens of times every day as he trains. The Cantrips supplement from Print and Play Gamer lets you leverage that practice as you adventure, making even a rookie mage a valuable member of the dungeon party!

What are cantrips?

Cantrips aren't splashy spells, but they're cheap and versatile. Clever young casters will find infinite uses for these little tricks out in the field. Facing down a pack of goblins? Cast a quick Glow on the Fighter's battered longsword to make the little green ones believe it's ancient relic of great power. Need to disrupt an evil priest's dark ritual? Use a Spark to set his infernal prayer book on fire! Want to distract a roomful of revelers while your buddy the Thief empties their pockets? Perform a Parlor Trick to pull a rabbit out of your pointy wizard hat!

Cantrips contains:
This 32-page magical supplement is compatible with Basic/Expert D&D, Swords and Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, and most other OSR systems, and includes:

  • Rules for making cantrips a key part of mastering new Magic-User spells
  • Rules for casting cantrips on adventures
  • Advice to gamemasters on incorporating cantrips into the campaign
  • Complete spell data and rules for 16 original cantrips
  • A separate, one-page Cantrips reference sheet for use at the game table

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