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RPG Item: 100 Characters You Might Meet In A Star Port
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100 Characters You Might Meet In A Star Port
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RPG Item: 100 Characters You Might Meet In A Star Port
PDF Version
Publisher: Azukail Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: AGSFP0001
16 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

At some point characters are more than likely going to be passing through a star port. Whether this is a disreputable surface town on an out of the way desert planet or a sparkling new orbital station in the heart of a federation, these places are hubs of travel and regularly have people of all types passing through or dwelling in. Characters may be looking for someone in specific, asking questions of some random passer-by or these NPCs could simply be background colour in the local cantina. Some may also be used as a source of adventure hooks.

The supplement is aimed at Starfinder, but this is only for the races. There are no stats given, and it should be possible to convert it to other systems with varying degrees of ease. This may be done by swapping races and any no longer relevant descriptions for others more appropriate for a setting, having the descriptions be the result of modification or simply stripping out the descriptions where relevant and having everyone be human.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

Minifrar Vox: A box-corner chemist, this Shirren can often make a cure for whatever ails someone at a bargain price. It’s going to go down hard, though, and a lot of her concoctions come with bizarre or unusual side effects. As she so often says, with her light, buzzing laugh, “Better living and odd than to be an unremarkable corpse.”
Tanaram Phax: An aging Ysoki with spectacles perched on the edge of his snout, Tanaram runs a hock shop. Filled with all kinds of strange and unusual bric-a-brac, he’s known to drive a hard bargain whether someone is buying or selling. He’s fair in his dealings, though, and he’s been known to turn a blind eye to merchandise whose serial numbers seem a little off, or whose paperwork isn’t quite in order.
Bitax Skar: A Kasatha dressed in travel-worn clothes, with a fraying pack on her back, Bitax has a slew of unusual skills and unexpected knowledge. Willing to work for a bed and travel privileges on most vessels, she rarely sticks around a particular port for long. Whether you need a backup pilot for a long-haul route, an assistant mechanic, a dock loader, or even an extra gun, there are few jobs Bitax can’t handle.
Scanner “Odds” Jett: An angular android with nimble fingers and crystal blue eyes, Scanner makes his money as an itinerant gambler. While he’s been accused of cheating a time or two, no one really sympathizes with someone who loses a game of pure odds against him. Scanner knows dozens of different games, though, and it’s said that he’s always happy to learn more. He never makes the same mistake twice, though, so most gamblers should learn to quit if they get ahead.
Diri Shang: A young woman with red streaks in her black hair, and a pair of dark, almond eyes, Diri always has an ear out for the latest stories. Mostly a gossip churner for a collection of smaller sites on the net, she wants to finally crack open a big story so she can tie on with a bigger outfit. She’s a useful source of information, and if you scratch her back then she’ll typically scratch yours, too.

One page is the front cover and one page the front matter.

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