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\'\'\'Author\'s Preface\'\'\' The Silvan language described in the following text is a new invention, not to be found in the works of J.R.R, Tolkien. It is, however, clearly based upon Tolkien’s invented languages, drawing especially upon Tolkien’s Ilkorin and Doriathrin languages (which were superseded by Sindarin), upon the few words and names which are said to be in the languages of Ossiriand, Lórien, or Mirkwood, and to a small extent on Tolkien’s early “Gnomish” language. It is also intended to fit precisely into Tolkien’s overall family tree of Elvish languages. Almost all of its words can be derived from Common Eldarin roots through consistently applied sound changes, and most of the words have cognates in either Quenya or Sindarin. Its grammar is also intended to be derivable from what is known or guessed about the grammar of early Eldarin; in this sense, it is a genuinely Elvish language.