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Treasure Trove: An assortment of all-new enchanted items
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A storehouse of 47 new magic items for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.
(Potions: Phosphorescence, Direction, Explosions, Frost Resistance, Mind Restoration, Missile Protection, Nutrition, Toughening, Psionics-Boosting; Scrolls: Domination, Suggestion; Rings: Eagle, Grasshopper, Truth; Rod of Many Things; Staff of Spell Focusing; Amulets: Protection from Sleep, Sleeplessness; Bracers: Attraction, Merman; Cloak of Guarding; Dragon\'s Eye; Gauntlets of Heat; Girdle of Lions; Goblet of Glory; Harrowhelm; Necklace of Bad Taste; Trumpet of Doom; Vision Globe; Swords: Demonbane, Cursed Everstriking, Assassination, Cowardice, Insanity, Intercession, Night; Arrow of Charming; Daggers: Alignment Detection, +1/+2 vs. Dolphins; Trident +1/+2 vs. Water Elementals)