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This Isn't the Zine You're Looking For #330
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Convention Plans; Natter; Comments on A&E #520; IGTHOTS (Comments on Ignorable theme contributions for A&E #520: Dealing with windfalls / treasure); IGTHEME: A Good Scenario for a Beginning GM? (includes recommendations for Call of Cthulhu, Gumshoe, Clockwork: Dominion, Legend of the Five Rings, Monsterhearts, and PbtA) ; WRITE UPS: INTERCON S: Conspiracy of Ravens (LARP session report); Ossia or The Final Draft (LARP session report); Night Forest (LARP session report); A Reunion at Katmeers (LARP session report); Breakthru! Coming of Age in a Superverse (LARP session report); Should You Need Us (LARP session report); Superqueeroes (LARP session report); WRITE UPS: METATOPIA 2016: By the Book v3.0 (By the Book session report); Crossroads Carnival; Mirrorlands (playtest report); Roses and Thorns (session report).