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Nattery News (The annual conference for the North American art librarians' association (ARLIS) and personal update); Happy Birthday, Moggs!; The AC Man Cometh (personal update); Adventures in Publishing (contract offer for "The Dormouse"); Comments on Ignorable Theme (Drinking Blood & Eating Blood); Television (The Drug of the Nation)(The Colony and Jessica Jones); Further Thoughts on Writing This 'Zine (editorial); Book Review (Ice By Ms. Anna Kavan (AKA Ms. Helen Emily Woods)); Actual Play: Mutant STARSLUGS (STARSLUGS II) (online Traveller game notes/setting notes; Interstellar Polities: The New Star Commonwealth (AKA The Friendly Kingdoms) and The Cetacean-Machine Alliance (CMA)); Ars Magica: Volume Two, Book One, Chapter Four Errata (correction); Rules Lab: Hacking the "Classic" Magic-User in OFRPG: Three house rules (MU Languages, Faking Mana Points, High Level WMDs); Comments on A&E #508; Comments on A&E #509.