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\'\'Citadel of Blood\'\', \'\'The Emerald Tablet\'\', \'\'Knights and Knaves\'\', \'\'Mage\'\' [not in DB], \'\'Shooting Stars\'\', \'\'Timelag\'\', \'\'Valley Of The Four Winds\'\'; Supplements: \'\'B2: The Keep on the Borderlands\'\', \'\'Star Fleet Battles Expansion #1\'\', \'\'S2: White Plume Mountain\'\'; Computer Games: \'\'Ants\'\', \'\'Atlantic Baloon Crossing\'\', \'\'Meta-Trek\'\', \'\'Round the Horn\'\'; Play-By-Mail: \'\'Trajan\'s Treacherous Trap\'\'; Historical Games: \'\'Air War Update Kit\'\', \'\'Prochorovka: Armor at Kursk\'\'; Publications: \'\'Fantasy Modeling\'\', \'\'Gamesmaster Catalog\'\', \'\'Richard Berg\'s Review of Games\'\'