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Reviews “Book of Artifacts” for Second Edition AD&D (TSR), “FRQ3 Doom of Daggerdale” for AD&D Forgotten Realms (TSR), “FR16 The Shining South” for AD&D Forgotten Realms (TSR),”Magitech” for the Amazing Engine system (TSR), “Secret Liaison” for Duel (Nightshift Games), “Thunderbolt (Arthurian Miniatures)” (Thunderbolt Mountain), “Generic Fantasy Army Pack” [miniatures] (Heartbreaker), “Call of Cthulhu Miniatures” (RAFM), “Mutant Chronicles” (Heartbreaker), “River of Cradles” for RuneQuest (Avalon Hill), “Corporate Shadowfiles” for Shadowrun (FASA), “Brainburn” for Shatterzone (West End Games),”Imperial Starfire” for Starfire (Task Force Games), and “HyperCad 54, Where Are You?” for Tales of the Floating Vagabond (Avalon Hill).