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2, Eye on Mongoose - New stuff from Mongoose Publishing detailed here
5, Tales from Mongoose Hall - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (actually Swindon, quite recently)...
8, Ambush Alley - The Pluto Campaign. A drop goes disastrously wrong and a small group of Mobile Infantry find their only escape route lies through a narrow chasm... filled with warrior bugs. A new scenario for the
Starship Troopers Miniatures Game.
12, Inside the Chainmail Bra - In the beginning, there was... Fey Boss
14, FDD Sector is for Loyal Clones! - Your friend (and mine!), The Computer, has implemented a revolutionary new concept known as a ‘holiday’. FDD Sector is authorised for ‘holidays’. Citizen Bill-O-DEA-4 provides details of all ‘holiday’ related activities available at all clearances.
Praise The Computer!
21, Design & Conquer
22, Ninja Blitzkrieg! - This month’s Starship Troopers battle report sees Ian ‘Old Bear’ Barstow’s bug army take on Alex ‘Grippenfuhrer’ Fennell’s Mobile Infantry in a fearsome free for all!
29, Write for the Mongoose - A guide for potential contributors
30, The War Prayer - In our first battle report for A Call to Arms, Chris ‘The Mekon’ Allen’s Centauri fleet
take on Matt ‘Scream Monkey’ Sprange’s intrepid ISA fl eet in a battle that’s sure to live on in history.
36, The Desecration of Wulfar Sul, Part II - Last month, the brave barbarian army faced off against the savage orc hordes in their noble attempts to bring the body of their dead king home. This month, prepare
your forces for the final battle at the Temple of Wulfar Sul itself!
39, Design & Conquer
40, A League of their Own - There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different alien races inhabiting the galaxy of the Babylon 5 universe. Each have their own agendas - some serve on the side of the angels, some retain a neutral position. However, some have allied themselves with the darkness. Bryan Steele examines
a trio of alien races that fought for the Shadows...
46, Photo Feature Mongoose Publishing’s Second Open Day - Ivanova!
48, The Jonny Nexus Experience - Jonny’s new Wizard character has fun with his wand
51, It’s a Bug’s Life - Coming up with successful tactics for an Arachnid army can take a little getting used to. Matthew Sprange offers a few hints and tips for crushing the feeble human forces.
55, Children of the Black Wind, Episode II - The final part of our epic OGL Horror scenario. Will your PC’s be able to unravel the mystery before time runs out for them?
68, Product List Monthly goodies update

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Pg. 2
Eye on Mongoose

New Releases This Month
WARS: Battlefront
Extreme Paranoia
WARS: Incursion
Klendathu Invasion
Arachnid Plama Bug

Pg. 5
Tales from Mongoose Hall

The Mongoose Strikes Back
Tales from the Mongoose Star Wars campaign.

Pg. 8
Ambush Alley

A scenario for the Starship Troopers Miniatures Game.

Pg. 12
Inside the Chainmail Bra

In the Beginning...
A short piece of fiction on a world being built

Pg. 14
FDD Sector is for Loyal Clones!

A guide to the FDD Sector

Pg. 21
Design & Conquer

Comic Strip

Pg. 22
Ninja Blitzkrieg!

A Starship Troopers Miniature Game battle report.

Pg. 29
Write for the Mongoose

Guidelines to writing for Mongoose.

Pg. 30
The War Prayer

A battle report for A Call to Arms.

Pg. 36
The Desecration of Wulfar Sul, Part II

A Mighty Armies Campaign - Part II

Pg. 39
Design & Conquer

Comic Strip

Pg. 40
A League of Their Own

Minor Races for the Babylon 5 Role Playing Game.
The Zand Colonies
The Soomat Alphasect
The Trakallan

Pg. 46
Photo Feature

Photos from Mongoose Open Day 2005

Pg. 48
The Jonny Nexus Experience

What the Hell\'s Up With D20 Wands?
New rules for Wands and Rods.

Pg. 51
It's a Bug's Life

Building and Using and Arachnid Army in Starship Troopers.

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Issue: Signs & Portents (Issue 25 - Aug 2005)
PDF version
Year: 2005
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: MGP 5525
68 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
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RPG: The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game (Mongoose)
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