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Vol. VI No. 7 of Dragon Magazine.

Cover Art by Dean Morrissey.

This issue includes The Wandering Trees, the second prize-winning AD&D module from International Dungeon Design Contest II.

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Dragon Rumbles

A look at the increasing popularity of role-playing games, and the degree which Dungeons & Dragons has entered

Pg. 3
Cover to Cover

The editor-in-chief\'s summary of this issue (see More Information for complete text).

Pg. 4
Out on a Limb
Reader/Fan Mail

From the \'titles\' to the letters: \'A bit peeved\' and Cavern Quest critic.

Pg. 5
Modern monsters: The perils of 20th-century adventuring

A guide to modern day adventures for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons PCs, including tables for modern vehicles and

Pg. 10
Leomund's Tiny Hut:Shield and weapon skills

A variant system for shield use and breakage, and random tables to determine weapon proficiency for Advanced

Pg. 13
From the Sorceror's Scroll

Developments from Stonefist to South Province for Greyhawk in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 17
In Search of a James Bond

A new type of agent for Top Secret, the Special Missions Bureau agent, with some elements of the three other

Pg. 20
The Rasmussen Files: Spy's Advice

Q&A about Top Secret.

Pg. 22
Random magic items

Tables to create unusual magic items for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that will keep your players

Pg. 24
New skill for DragonQuest: The versatile Magician

A jack-of-all-trades in the field of magic for DragonQuest.

Pg. 26
Giants in the Earth

Classic Heroes From Fiction & Literature: C.J. Cherryh\'s MORGAINE & VANYE, Lynn Abbey\'s RIFKIND, and

Pg. 33
The Wandering Trees

An adventure for a party of 6th-9th level characters for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Second place winner of

Pg. 50
Up on a Soapbox I: Play a villain? An evil idea

Reasons why no player should ever want to play an evil character.

Pg. 50
Up on a Soapbox II: Dungeons aren't supposed to be 'for men only'

An essay on equality of the sexes in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games.

Pg. 52
Minarian Legends

The chronology of Minaria for Divine Right.

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From the editor-in-chief's description of the issue:

Here's hoping you don't have to trek through a forest to get to the store for this issue of DRAGON Magazine. As far as we know, the only forest that contains moving trees is the one around which Mike Malone's module was created. But it's probably best not to take any unnecessary chances...

"The Wandering Trees" was the second-place winner in the ADVANCED D&D division of International Dungeon Design Contest II. It's a change of pace, in a lot of respects, from what we have come to call a "normal" module. (Which is about as hard to define as a "normal" game player...) And it worked out sort of nice that our special inclusion for the chilly month of January is an adventure through a forest that is alive with greenery (an other things besides!).

This issue's cover painting is by Dean Morrissey, whose name will be familiar to veteran readers as the creator of many of our previous covers. Perhaps this is a scene which would have been better presented around the Fourth of July - but there may not even be such a holiday in the world where this Betsy Ross resides.

Another unusual adventuring environment is the subject of this month's lead article by contributing editor Ed Greenwood. "Modern monsters" addresses the many questions of how to put AD&D adventurers into a 20th-century scenario and make sure that both the characters and the civilization they encounter live to tell about it. No, you won't find out how much damage a tactical nuclear weapon does, but Ed has covered everything up to that point pretty well.

After going forward into the present, you can return to the annals of history with Mike Kluever and his article detailing the history of shields through the ages.

TOP SECRET agents and administrators will be glad to see that Merle Rasmussen, author of the game's original rules, has taken to upon himself to answer some often-asked questions in "Spy's Advice," the latest installment of The Rasmussen Files. In addition, Mark Mulkins makes a case for a new bureau in the TOP SECRET system designed specially for agents who have visions of 007 in their heads, with his essay entitled "In Search of James Bond."

AD&D enthusiasts will appreciate the latest edition of Leomund's Tiny Hut, wherein Len Lakofka proposes some variant rules for shields and offers a means to determine a character's weapon skills. Those of you who have a campaign running in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK setting will be more informed about goings-on in that world after perusing From the Sorceror's Scroll by AD&D creator Gary Gygax. And for those of you who think the world can never have enough enchanted objects, Pete Mohney presents a system for "Random magic items."

There's a two-part Up on a Soapbox column inside, wherein Brian Blume puts forth his opinions on why it doesn't pay to be an evil character, and contributing editor Roger Moore offers some thoughts on the continually controversial subject of females and fantasy role-playing. Speaking of females, this month's Giants in the Earth column features a trio of women (and one male sidekick). So even if there aren't any female players in your group, you can still have female characters in your game.

The final installment of Minarian Legends is a chronology of the major events in the history of the continent of Minaria, as described by the person who ought to know - Glenn Rahman, co-author of the DIVINE RIGHT game on which this article, as well as the rest of the series, is based.

Also taking his final bow as a regular contributor this month is John Prados. The latest, and last, installment of Simulation Corner presents John's thoughts on "The art of illustration" and how it affects the quality, and the consumer acceptance, of a game design.

Bringing up the rear, as usual, are our colorful cartoons: The continuing saga of Wormy and the latest look at "What's New?" from Phil Foglio. Doesn't he look good in a +2 towel? - KM

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Issue: Dragon (Issue 57 - Jan 1982)
Vol. VI, No. 7
Year: 1982
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
82 pages
Size: Letter
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