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"The Role-Playing Games Monthly"

From the contents page:


"The Mad Gods' Omelette" - fiction by Dave Langford
A tasty hors d'oeuvre

"The Ninja" - Chris Elliott and Richard Edwards
An AD&D character class developed from Night's Dark Agents

"A Matter of Faith" - Marcus L Rowland
Ideologies as scenario outlines for contemporary games

"Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat" - Graeme Davis
Manufacturing Magic Items in AD&D - Part 1: The system, Staves, Wands and Scrolls

"Hour of the Tiger" - Chris Elliot and Richard Edwards
A special scenario for the Ninja

"On the Road" - A Runequest scenario set in a trading caravan by Anna Price


"Open Box"
A look at some new games by independent reviewers
"The Curse of the Cthonians, Glozal est Authentique!, The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island" CoC scenarios reviewed by Stephen Kyle
"Gamemaster Pack, For Your Information" reviewed by Bob Neville
"Ringworld" reviewed by Phil Masters

"Critical Mass" edited by David Langford
Science fiction and fantasy book review

Crash Course - Car Wars column by Steve Jackson
"Two Decks are Better than One"

"Thrud the Barbarian" by Carl Critchlow
Thrud greets a many-tentacled form of chaos...

Letters edited by Ian Marsh
Readers' views, questions and comments

Tabletop Heroes - figure reviews and painting tips by Gary Chalk and Joe Dever
"A Brush with the Lore" - investigating paints for the modeller

Starbase - Traveller column edited by Bob McWilliams
"CORE" Zhodani antagonists for Traveller adventurers

"The Travellers" by Mark Harrison
Chocs away, Ginger!

"RuneRites" edited by Dave Morris
"Blood Sports" Gladiators and pit fighting in RuneQuest by Matthew Pook and James Waterfield

Fiend Factory edited by Albie Fiore
"The Great Hunt" The winning entry in the Wild Hunt competition for AD&D by Simon Iff

Treasure Chest - regular department for readers' AD&D ideas
"Ars Arcana" Part 3 - Ideas for 5th-7th level spells by Kiel Stephens

Newsboard by Jon Sutherland
What's happening in science fiction and fantasy gaming plus "Gobbledigook" by Bil

Small Ads
Contacts, services, swaps and second-hand games

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Pg. 7
Editorial and Contents

Ian Livingstone announces that Fiend Factory will be openned up for other systems - not just D&D. 600+

Pg. 8
The Mad Gods' Omelette

A Short Epic, by Dave Langford.
-Dave spoofs Michael Moorcock\'s Eternal Champion books.

Pg. 10
Open Box

Science fiction and fantasy games and rulebooks are reviewed by independent authorities.
-The Curse of The

Pg. 12
Critical Mass

Dave Langford\'s monthly book review column.
\"SF Stars!\"
-The Science Fiction Sourcebook, by David

Pg. 13
The Ninja

A new character class for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) usable with the scenario \"Hour of the

Pg. 14
A Matter of Faith

Religious Cults for Modern Day adventures, by Marcus L Rowland.
-4 interesting cults and adventure outlines for

Pg. 16
Crash Course

An alternate monthly department for Car Wars enthusiasts, written by Car Wars creator, Steve Jackson

Pg. 18
Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat, Part one

The Manufacture of Magic Items in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition), by Graeme Davis.
Part 1: The System,

Pg. 24
Hour of the Tiger

A Scenario for Ninja characters of Beginning Level, using the guidelines in the series INVALID OBJECT ID=327257,

Pg. 29
Thrud the Barbarian

Thrud has a close encounter of the third kind.
The fantasy barbarian comic, by Carl Critchlow.

Pg. 30
On the Road

A RuneQuest scenario set in a Trading Caravan, by Anna Price. A perilous journey through the vastness of the

Pg. 35
Reader/Fan Mail

Readers\' letters edited by Ian Marsh.

Pg. 36
Tabletop Heroes

A regular column of figure reviews and painting tips, written by Gary Chalk and Joe Dever.
\"A Brush with the

Pg. 38

Alternate monthly column for Traveller enthusiasts, edited by Bob McWilliams.
\"C.O.R.E. - Consulory Office

Pg. 39
The Travellers

The exploits of a Traveller starship crew, by Mark Harrison.
\"Chapter 8: Shuttle Skuttle\" - The

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