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Issue: Fenix (No. 6,  2017 - English only)
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Fenix (No. 6, 2017 - English only)
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From publisher blurb:

The Cults Issue

Creating Cults
Cultists are to horror games what goblins are to fantasy games: numerous, cheap, disposable opponents. Dressed in hooded robes, armed with torches and ornate daggers, the fanatical hordes come cheerfully to their deaths, assaulting the PCs in wave after wave. They are – quite literally – faceless enemies, ciphers rather than creatures, with no individual personalities, no goals beyond death or slaughter, and no agenda beyond serving evil for its own sake. They might as well be kung-fu movie mooks, or ambulatory shooting-range targets.

This vision of cultists, as crazed and unstoppable fanatics, has a long pedigree in pulp fiction, and in pulp-influenced games such as the more action-oriented Cthulhu Mythos adaptations. They have their place in gaming, but with a little thought, cults and cultists can be made into so much more. They can become intelligent, devious organizations with clear goals and definite methods; sinister organizations whose tentacles reach to the highest levels of power and influence. They can be the equals of fabled organizations like the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, or the Assassins. All the GM needs to do is follow a few simple steps.

Text: Graeme Davis, Art: Anders Larsson

The Call of Yehtis – The Third in a 3-part Mini Campaign to Mythras
The third last part of a mini-campaign set in the world illustrated in the Mythras core rules. By now our heroes should have recovered the Tear of Yethis, a mythical fist-sized diamond and the only weapon the serpent demon fears. Yet they know nothing of its use or history, and must learn its secrets before returning to Meeros.
Meanwhile Yethis, clothed in the body of Kratos, is not unaware of their actions. Alerted by the death of his drakon, he has laid plans to frustrate the heroes, before they can upset his plans to eradicate the Cult of Myceras.

Thus when the heroes return to Kopash with their prize, they will find themselves beset and undermined by various secret societies all working against them, puppets of divine powers who seek to influence the world ...

Text: Pete Nash, Art: Antonio Vazquez, Dan MacKinnon & Lee Smith

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Issue: Fenix (No. 6,  2017 - English only)
PDF version
Publisher: Åskfågeln
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
13 pages
Size: Letter
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