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User summary:

System of the RPG book "Barbaren!" ("Barbarians!"). It is specifically designed to depict its source topic: Huge men with raging testosterone, wandering the world to massacre and to screw.

Character creation:

  • All characters must be male and start with a "Manliness" value of 3
  • Distribute 25 points between "Dangerous" and "Exciting", which function similar to hit points when fighting and courting respectively.
  • Roll 1d6 for your initial pool of "Aggro" and "Randy", points that may be spent for extra dice when fighting and courting respectively. During the course of the game "Aggro" is gained by screwing, "Randy" is gained by fighting.
  • Select 7 tricks, one-shot abilities that can be used when fighting or courting.
  • Formulate 3 Strenghts or 4 Strengths and 1 Weakness
  • Formulate 2 Character Traits and your Goal in Life
  • Formulate 2-3 bonds (depending of number of players) relating to other (non-player) characters.

All tests are rolled as follows:

  • Roll a number of dice equal to your Manliness
  • Add 1 die for describing the scene well
  • Add 1 die for using a tactical advantage
  • Add dice for Strengths and/or Bonds (not when fighting or courting)
  • Subtract dice for Weaknesses (not when fighting or courting)
  • Add dice supplied by characters aiding you.

All rolls of 4+ are a success.

Fighting and Courting
Both parties roll their applicable dice and compare the results. When courting, women will use their Womanliness attribute and Cool points as their base as opposed to Manliness and Exciting points.

  • In fights, the loser will forfeit Dangerous points as specified in a table listing the difference of successes. Tricks and Aggro may be spent (lost permanently) to modify the result. The first one to lose all their Dangerous points loses the conflict.
  • In courtships, the loser will forfeit Exciting points as specified in a table listing the difference of successes. Tricks and Randy may be spent (lost permanently) to modify the result. The first one to lose all their Exciting points (or Cool points respectively) loses the courtship, resulting either in a male getting to screw or the female rejecting the male.

Each point of Aggro and Randy spent becomes one point of Experience, which can be spent to

  • buy new tricks
  • add a Strength
  • remove a weakness
  • add a point of Dangerous or Exciting.

New Aggro and Randy are added depending on the circumstances of a fight/carnal act.
Manliness can never be raised by spending points, but only by achieving certain successes during play (e.g. defeating on par enemies or screwing ravishing beauties).

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