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Description Edit | History
Not to be confused with the collaborative storytelling RPG FAITH which was published two years earlier.

User Summary:

FAITH is a sci-fi RPG that takes place in the vastness of the universe. As part of the mighty Corvo, the proud Iz'kal, the feral Raag, as versatile Humans, or as the mutant Ravager players will take part in amazing stories all around the universe. During those stories they will explore the Labyrinth in search of new worlds, found new colonies, fight in the power struggle between the Corvo and the Iz'kal and their Gods, or stand by waiting to enjoy the spoils.

FAITH's mechanics revolve around the use of cards. Each player has a hand of illustrated playing cards, which can be used to resolve the different actions and confrontations that arise during a game. Additionally, the most important pieces of equipment and NPCs come in illustrated reference cards, which provide a nice visual reference and contain all the rules necessary to be used during the game without referring to the rulebook.

This system allows for "Luck Management" gameplay to arise: players can decide when their "bad rolls" happen (by playing low cards) and when the moment has come for their characters to shine, playing their highest cards and succeeding against all odds.

More Information Edit | History

A natural web of wormholes of inconmensurable size linking the Universe together. The Corvo and the Iz’kal fight for its dominance, trying to colonize its exits. Some tunnels are so huge they contain planets or hide secret pirate bases, while others are so small a spaceship might unexpectedly crash into itself.

Hyper-expansionist, technologically advanced, and individualistic species. Once the dominant force in the Universe, they found their Achilles heel in the Iz’kal, with whom they share a tenuous peace while undermining each other with black-ops and guerrilla warfare.

Collectivist, highly bureaucratized society ruled by the totalitarian and hermetic State. They join their minds in hyperlink to communicate. Former conservatives, they are now forced to expand to keep up with the Corvo. They survived centuries-long oppression by the Korian (now extinct).

Nomadic, clan-based species. Their home planet Heimis is covered in everlasting frost and snow. They travel the Universe in ice fortresses looking for supplies. They retain contact with the Iz’kal, once enslaved by the same oppressors, the Korian.

Savage step-species that feeds DNA to their Queen to create new spawns. They roam the Labyrinth looking for new genetic material. They are prone to internal conflict as dangerous Heralds rise to power and try to overtake their current Queen.

Rose and fell as a civilization centuries ago. They resorted to subsistence until the Corvo found them. Since then they are highly sought after as mercenaries, security contractors, and bodyguards. The terrorist group known as The Human Front seeks to regain former glory and independence, often allying with pirates and criminals.



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3 Bodaster's FAITH player aid
version 1.1 - Bringing player aid up to 2.0 rules based on core book v5. - Added a skill usage table (comments are welcome)
3 Summary, Skills and Actions Cheat Sheet
Cheat sheet designed for A4 GM Screens for your players or simply on the table. Shows a basic summary of frequently used terms as well as skills and possible actions. Continued the good work done by user @AncientManBeast
1 Official printer friendly character sheet
Printer, pencil friendly character sheet for FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG. Design by Aleksandra Bilic.
3 'Tradtional-style' character sheet
Faith character sheet made in the traditional style of RPGs, version 1.0 [posted with permission from Burning Games]. This file contains both a normal PDF and a form-fillable one. Note: There is a small box with the 'Load Limit' descriptor. This my house rule so it can be freely ignored. Enjoy!
3 Skills and Actions Cheat Sheets
Skills & Actions Cheat Sheets Version 1.0. Use for GM screen insert or player aid. There are 3 files included; A 2 page landscape, 2 page portrait and a 1 page landscape. Enjoy!
2 Initiative Cards
Version 1.0. Use these cards to help track initiative! Simply jot down the player info on a card, and when its an initiative round, mix these with the NPC cards in the initiative order. If a player wants to 'hold' his turn, simply give him the card and when he decides to take his turn, have him give it back. Simple!
4 Blank NPC and Robot cards
Blank templates to make NPCs and robots
3 Bank cards (suits and weapons)
Templates for suit, item and weapon cards.
1 FAITH: Aventura de Iniciación
Aventura de iniciación para una o dos sesiones, orientada a familiarizarse poco a poco con el sistema. Tono similar a Alien.
2 Starter adventure
Short introductory adventure for 1-2 sessions worth of play to get familiarised with the rules and introduce players to the universe of FAITH.
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