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Created On: 2010-03-03 02:53:08
Members: 241
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    Support comes in many forms: community involvement, forum posts, submitting data, running PbF games, word-of-mouth advertising, financial donations... All these are vital to this site, and you have my sincere thanks for participating in any of them.
    Currently: planning.
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You can be an RPGG Hero too, by joining this guild!

The RPGG Heroes work toward improved content and content management on Role-Playing Game Geek. Though some content on RPGG is still administered by Admins (Files, Links, Game Submissions, and Corrections), most of the remainder of data on RPGG is fully within the control of the users. The goal of the Heroes is to improve RPGG in a variety of ways through focused work on areas that are within their control. This includes efficient use of data, consistent expression of game entry data, and the interrelationship of content through wiki pages and links.

This is the guild group for the RPGG Heroes. This group will serve to facilitate communications, tasks, and progress.

Active members will receive a wonderful RPGG Heroes micro: Microbadge: I'm an RPGG Hero! You can be one too!

More Information Edit | History

Feel free to join the Guild! Click on "Join This Guild" at the top right.

You should also subscribe to the Guild to be notified of new forum topics. Click on "Subscribe" also at the top right. Important note: if you subscribe to a Guild then you are informed only of new threads. If you also want to be notified of new replies to existing threads then you need to subscribe to each new thread in turn.

Posts are split across three fora:
  • News for threads relating to specific Quests.
  • General for discussing other Guild topics.
  • Off-Topic for anything else.
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