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Created On: 2014-04-06 22:12:19
Members: 34
  • Caroline Berg
    United States
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Description Edit | History

Project O.L.I.V.E. (On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment)

This group of RPGGeeks is working actively to create a digital RPG corebook together to be released at VirtuaCon. All who would like to join us in this endeavor are surely welcome. Microbadge: Proud Member of Project O.L.I.V.E.

This project is divided out between 4 groups (some members overlap in groups) which work over the course of several phases.

Group 1: World-building Group (This group creates the setting for the RPG. It will later work to develop the basis to launch a campaign.)
Group 2: Artwork Group (Designs artwork based on Group 1's ideas.)
Group 3: Mechanics Group (This group actively develops rules to coincide with World-Building Group's functions. Functions include: Character development and progression, character sheets, a resource for developing campaigns, etc.)
Group 4: Compiling Group (This group is in charge of proof-reading, play-testing, combining artwork, setting and mechanics into a form that is readily accessible for gaming.)

Remember: Any member may be part of any group at any time. Grouping will hereby serve the function of keeping things orderly for this guild. Let us know which group or groups you would like to support by responding at Teams. Please feel free to visit any thread and share your thoughts and ideas. This will be our RPG, and anyone who has a desire to share in its development will ever be welcome.

Project O.L.I.V.E. is a peaceful peer-driven initiative. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome with the utmost respect.

User: Quaid Slauson

Would you like to be involved in one or more teams? Please visit the Teams thread and let us know. A Project Head or other Project member will help you get started!
More Information Edit | History

Current Status in a Nutshell

We have a group objective in mind for the launch release. It will involve 2 RPG adventures.
  • The setting (Non-ugly version; forgive the inside joke): A city-world with faulty technology where groups are trying to revive old magic-infused technology as new science-based technology fails. Trans-dimensional rifts pop in and out of places of power disrupting the very nature of reality. These places are guarded by recently awakened cryopreserved guardians who may be a dangerous threat. The city-world is segregated into layered cities because of class struggles between the haves and have nots. And the world is dying.
  • Adventure I: A ragtag group of spies and disgruntled diplomats orchestrating heists by exploiting the appearance of rifts
  • Adventure II: Prisoners use trans-dimensional rifts to break free from their prison and return to society; but the world may have very different plans for them.
  • This project will also likely include a gazetteer setting book about the lower strata of society, either 'just getting by' in the enclave or trying to make a go of it as traders, ether-mechanics, socialites, or hired guns for the rift-heists.

Group 1 World-building

Project Head: Geri (Morganus)
Group Geeklist: Project O.L.I.V.E. World-Building Geeklist
General status: Species creation and city mapping have been performed. Politics and other world-related items are underway.
Current Objectives Active Thread, GeekList, or Link
Flesh out the game premises and structures. [Group 1] Worldbuilding Factory
Brainstorming game scenarios. [GROUP 1] ADVENTURE IDEAS

Group 2 Artwork

Project Head: Vivienne (Deezerma)
Group Geeklist: TBA
General status: Known art / graphic image needs have been completed. New art requirements are being assessed and will be circulated as specifications become available.

Most of the images have been loaded into the Project O.L.I.V.E. Gallery. Missing images to be uploaded. Out-of-date images to be removed or transferred to the artists' personal galleries. This could then allow the gallery to be used as a resource for GM's & players in the future.
Current Objectives Active Thread, GeekList, or Link
Get the picture?! (Art for the Book) [Group 2] Artwork Required for the VC14 Launch Core Book

Group 3 Mechanics

Project Head: Dave (Volfield)
Documents: Raskalar Core Rules - BETA

Current Objectives Active Thread, GeekList, or Link
Setting up the usage of magic Magic Section Preview!
Re-looking at Skills [Mechanics] New Skills preview
Setting up Traits Traits Preview
Defining magical items Conduits (ie...our "magic items")
Creating player sheets Player Hand out (Cheat Sheet) & Character Sheet

Group 4 Compiling / Proofreading

Project Head: Vivienne (Deezerma)
Group Geeklist: [Group 4] Project O.L.I.V.E. Proof-reading and Sign-off Tracking Geeklist II
General status: Compilation of the core book for the Launch release is ongoing. A PDF of the latest draft with new fonts, ornaments, etc., can be downloaded from the link below.

• Proof-reading of completed items will be ongoing until final launch. A new tracking geeklist has been created (see above). This will ensure that old reference documents are not used during Proofreading and Sign-off.
• All PC and NPC character and most "environmental" texts are in place. Two more have been drafted and are awaiting proofreading.
• All colour images have been completed - see "Group 2 - Artwork", above.
• "Flavour pieces" can still be accepted for inclusion subject to proofreading, etc.
• Two pieces were submitted for the TTC; one has been included but the other will be held back for a future release at the author's request.
Current Objectives Active Thread, GeekList, or Link
DRAFT Launch release downloadable PDF : 'Draft Core Book & GM's supplement v1.1'
Tavern's Tales Contest release downloadable PDF : 'TTC release Core Book'

Play Testing

Play Testing Tracking Geeklist: Play-By-Forum Staging Area
General status: A new PbF session to test out the game mechanics is being organised - see link below.
Current Objectives Active Thread, GeekList, or Link
Setup for Mechanics Testing [PLAYTEST] A Rumor in Raskalar... [OOC Thread]
Original play-test Play by Forum presents: Play-test 1: Ferol & Mak'tularn and the Order of Fried Cheese
Creating new test scenarios Adventures!
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