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Black Baron:: Map of the White Warlord's dungeon By: Stelio
Map for Black Baron (solo).gif (11 KB)
In the solo adventure of ''Black Baron'', you must navigate the dungeon of the White Warlord, avoiding traps and finding treasures.

The pictures of the dungeon interior do not include a compass rose, and some of the turns can be a little disorienting in that the page you turn to is actually around ''two'' corners. As such, you may find this map useful.

This map gives the page numbers for the points of view from every position in the dungeon. Refer to this to work out exactly where you are. No details of the traps or solutions to any of the treasure riddles are given. The starting position (3) is highlighted.

Uploaded as a file rather than image since its content may be considered to be a spoiler for those that wish to build their own maps, or to play without knowing anything of the layout of the dungeon in advance.
Jan 18, 2010