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TIME LORD:: Time Lord Character Sheets By: Strephon Alkhalikoi
TimeLordSheets.pdf (525 KB)
Time Lord had separate character sheets for the players, the villains, and the creatures. They were essentially identical, but had subtle differences in their design.

These are simply PDF character sheets designed to be printed on a half page of paper.
Sep 4, 2010


TIME LORD:: Time Lord (Freeware PDF Version) By: Strephon Alkhalikoi
TimeLord.rar (785 KB)
From page 1 of the PDF:


TIME LORD and DOCTOR WHO have had one thing in common over the past few years: both have been unavailable to fans. Behind the scenes, however, work has been progressing on new versions of both. The wider availability of the Internet and its suitability for electronic publishing has made it possible for some time to put TIME LORD on the World Wide Web. What has been lacking is a number of files from the original typescript — files that over the past few months I have been rekeying.

During that time, Peter and I have arranged to have the rights to TIME LORD reverted to the authors; Peter has also very kindly allowed me to go ahead on my own and republish the book electronically so that it once again becomes available to fans of DOCTOR WHO and gamers alike. What appears here is substantially the same as the original work. The Templar Throne, however, is no longer included, and an adventure I originally wrote for Marvel’s Doctor Who Magazine — The Curse of the Cyclops — takes its place. While The Templar Throne is an excellent adventure, it is a little too complicated for a first game. There is now also a full character generation system for human companions, which joins the appendices at the back of the book. A few words of caution: the files that comprise this edition are based on the pre-edited version of the game, so there may be a few differences. If anyone spots them, it would be greatly appreciated if they could point them out. I intend to release this version of the game in several forms. The first is rather exclusive: Postscript files that can just be printed out. More ambitiously I hope to release a version that can be read on a Web browser in small chunks, which should make accessing particular points far easier. I also intend to put out Ascii, Word and WordPerfect versions, but all this will take time. Be patient.

Ian Marsh
Wandsworth, London,
June 1996

From the Front Cover:

Previously published in Great Britain in 1991 by Doctor Who Books, an imprint of Virgin Publishing (ISBN 0426 203623)

This edition published electronically as freeware in 1996 by Ian Marsh

Copyright © Ian Marsh and Peter Darvill-Evans 1991, 1996
Doctor Who series copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation 1963, 1996

This work may be printed free of charge for personal use only. Commercial use is expressly forbidden without the consent and written agreement of the authors.
Sep 4, 2010