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Monsterhearts:: Monsterhearts Characters & Classroom sheets By: shawnssica
Monsterhearts.xlsx (21 KB)
Designed for forum or VOIP play, this spreadsheet puts all the characters' information and stats in one place.

The live Google document can be loaded directly into a Hangout:
Jan 27, 2014

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Monsterhearts:: Monsterhearts Reference Sheets By: mcdaldno
Monsterhearts Reference Sheets.pdf (104 KB)
These are the reference sheets for the MC and players.
Mar 17, 2012

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Monsterhearts:: Monsterhearts Skins By: mcdaldno
Monsterhearts Skins.pdf (626 KB)
The different character types available to play in Monsterhearts.
Mar 17, 2012