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HelperMonkey.Com:: Hats and Perks By: Munkwunk
Psipunk-HelperMonkey-Com Hats and Cybernetics.docx (19 KB)
This file provides new Hats and Perks for the mashup.
Mar 2, 2014


HelperMonkey.Com:: By: Munkwunk (492 KB)
The second-place winner of the Holiday Adventure Contest 2011, is a fun holiday adventure for 2 - 6 primates.

This PDF has been updated from the original contest version and contains new and unique artwork.
Dec 26, 2011


HelperMonkey.Com:: HelperMonkey.Com - 48 Hour Edition By: dumwytgi
HelperMonkey.Com.pdf (477 KB)
48-Hour RPG contest entry for HelperMonkey.Com, an RPG created using the randomly assigned "guide words" Monkey, Hat, and Website.
Aug 16, 2011