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Space: 1889 (Original edition):: English plug and play space 1889 to ubiquity By: Coronoides
Ubiquitous Space 1889.pdf (592 KB)
Newest version. Project on hiatus.
Sep 16, 2014
Ubiquitous Space 1889.pdf (452 KB)
Latest version of plug-and-play conversion of 1889 for ubiquity. Use all your old canon adventures with almost no work!
Aug 25, 2013
112352718-Ubiquitous-Space-1889.pdf (340 KB)
A rules upgrade for 1889 that is essentially plug and play with existing 1889 materials.
Space 1889: is Frank Chadwick’s registered trademark for his roleplaying game of Victorian Era space-faring. Leagues of Adventure is the rpg of Victorian Adventure by Paul Wade-Williams. This article is presented under Fair Use and is intended to enhance the popularity of both works. Both Leagues of Adventure and Space 1889 are required to make full use of this article.

Being able to run existing adventures with a modern set of rules has been a long held desire of many.
The obvious choice is to convert to an existing thoroughly tested popular set of rules rather than creating a whole cloth. The ideal conversion would be able to use existing adventures and supplements with almost no work. The best approach would be conversion for smallest rules units (such as attributes, skills, etc) so that any existing rule can be translated. The Ubiquity system is well suited to this purpose because it has similar sets of attributes and skills to 1889 and these are assigned values within similar ranges. For the most part converting pre-existing NPCs and adventures should be just a matter of translating the names of the attributes and skills into the names used in Ubiquity.
May 21, 2013

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Space: 1889 (Original edition):: Space 1889/BRP character sheet By: Orcoteuthis
s1889cs.pdf (43 KB)
A character sheet for playing in the Space: 1889 setting with Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing ruleset.
May 29, 2010