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ΑΓΩΝ:: Agon Reference and Tutorial By: Muhlakai
Agon Cheat Sheet.pdf (68 KB)
The rulebook is great, but isn't always the easiest thing to browse to find what you want. The problem is that the competitive nature of Agon benefits the player who either knows or can find relevant rules and options the easiest. I needed something simple that I could throw on the table to help new players get up to speed quickly. This was my solution to make all relevant rules for any in-play actions quickly and easily accessible.

Note: There's a partially-completed cheat sheet in the forums by jaspermeer. When I saw that it was incomplete I made a point not to reference it when making this version. Looking back now I'd say it's pretty substantially different, but he deserves some credit for inspiring me to actually complete this by his example.
Dec 21, 2018