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d20 System / OGL Product (D&D 3.5 Compatible):: GM's Assistant - Version 1.1 By: compman
gm_assistant_version_1_1.xlsm (51 KB)
This is a macro enabled Excel 2010 file (utilizing Visual Basic) that has the following features:

-Dice roller (d2,3,4,6,8...20,x)
-Name generator
-Combat manager (rolling initiative)
-Hit location generator (head, left leg, etc.)
-Story line suggestions
-NPC type generator
-NPC motive generator
-Random direction generator (N,S,E, etc.)

I find a random generator like this helpful when I have to make responsive story decisions on the fly to unforeseen decisions by the players (or to simply help with overcoming writer's block).

Feel free to leave feedback. Enjoy.
Nov 22, 2013

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d20 System / OGL Product (D&D 3.5 Compatible):: Rules for using d20 system in a Harn campaign. By: LaVillaStrangiato
D20HarnGuide_96.pdf (2.65 MB)
Published by Columbia Games and uploaded with permission from Grant Dalgliesh.
Jan 21, 2011

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d20 System / OGL Product (D&D 3.5 Compatible):: d20 Spells to Convocations By: LaVillaStrangiato
Harn_d20_Spells.xls (39 KB)
Beta version.

This is an attempt to 'Harnify' the wizard/sorcerer spells found in the OGL d20 system.

Any suggestions/comments, please send to:
Jan 3, 2011