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Traveller (Classic):: 3D Sub Sector Map By: DanDare2050
Traveller 3d Sector - 10 across.pdf (120 KB)
These are 3 dimensional sector maps for Traveller. They retain the scale of 1 parsec to a hex but add a vertical dimension, also 1 parsec per step up or down.

RPG: Traveller (Classic)
This latest addition is a sector 10 parsecs in each direction, whereas the previous file is for a sector 6 parsecs across. The pdf has instructions for populating the sector map. In the 10 parsec version you will, on average, find about 200 star systems within the sector volume. That is a lot of adventuring space.

One thing to note in both 3D maps is the increase in the number of potential connections between star systems for any given jump distance. In a 2D map, for example, there can at most be 6 jump-1 connections to a star system, but in 3D there can be 8. Also trade and communication routes that go off map in the vertical dimension are somewhat harder to note than ones that go off map on the horizontal plane.

Starting to use this with my new Mongoose 2e campaign. Stay tuned...

Here is the area around the players starting system:

RPG: Traveller (Mongoose)
Jan 2, 2016
3d Traveller sector (131 KB)
I haven't played Traveller for a few years. I got it for my Birthday in 1977. The first thing I did was change sub sector maps to be 3 dimensional. I have just updated the design and provided an open office drawing version and a pdf version, including an example sub sector.

Hope you enjoy it!

I forgot to add a fast pace variant I use for assigning star systems to the map, instead of rolling d6 for each z hex in each x,y stack.

For each x,y stack roll 2d6 and consult

2 - 3 No systems in stack
4 - 5 1 system in stack
6 - 7 2 systems in stack
8 - 9 3 systems in stack
10 - 4 systems in stack
11 - 5 systems in stack
12 - 6 systems in stack

Distributing the systems to z coordinates
0 or 6 systems is fixed
1,2 or 3 systems - roll d6-1 for each to get its z coordinate. If a system is already there then reroll.
4 or 5 systems - roll d6-1 to place the empty cell z coordinates, reroll if one lands on the other. Systems fill the rest of the z coordinates.

This is assuming you don't have a nice, zippy app to place your planets for you.
Nov 15, 2014

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Traveller (Classic):: Twilight Shadows Across the Bright Face By: paulidale
twilightshadows.pdf (1.61 MB)
Posted by Designer

A group of adventures stuck on a world with some sites to visit all around the globe in their trust ATV. This is a Classic Traveller adventure in the style of the infamous Traveller Double Adventure: Across the Bright Face/Mission on Mithril.

The adventure was written by Dr Paul Dale as the Traveller adventure at Minicon-1, Easter 1996. This version contains cleaned up text and colour graphics.
Dec 20, 2015