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Monster of the Week:: Wrath of the Pumpkin King - A MotW Mystery By: Koveras Alvane
MotW-WrathOfThePumpkinKing.pdf (150 KB)
A Halloween-themed mystery with emphasis on horror over action and a set of custom moves to incorporate the hunters' own fears and phobias into the plot.
Dec 14, 2016

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Monster of the Week:: Brine, Blood, and Oil - A MotW Mystery By: Koveras Alvane
MotW-BrineBloodAndOil-EN.pdf (148 KB)
A mystery that pits the hunters against an Old Norse monstrosity terrorizing a Norwegian oil platform in the middle of a fierce winter storm.
Apr 21, 2016

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Monster of the Week:: Salz, Blut, und Erdöl - Ein MotW Szenario By: Koveras Alvane
MotW-BrineBloodAndOil-DE.pdf (142 KB)
In diesem Szenario finden sich die Jäger mitten in einem heftigen Wintersturm auf einer norwegischen Bohrinsel, deren Crew von einem altnordischen Monstrum terrorisiert wird.
Apr 14, 2016

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Monster of the Week:: From Below - A MotW Mystery By: TheEbonyTurtle
MotW-FromBelow.pdf (97 KB)
A mystery wherein the hunters tackle ancient creatures terrorizing fisherman along the California coast.
May 24, 2015

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Monster of the Week:: The Greys are Coming - A MotW Mystery By: TheEbonyTurtle
MoTW-TheGreysAreComing.pdf (102 KB)
A mystery I designed for players new to Monster of the Week. Wherein Hunters investigate reports of "grey aliens" infesting a remote part of Nevada.
Apr 7, 2015