The Hotness
Legacy of Dragonholt
Book 1: Highway Holocaust
Alas Vegas
Kids on Bikes
Genesys Core Rulebook
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set
Blue Rose (2nd Edition)
Traveller Boxed Set
Elven Lords
Scarlet Heroes
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
The End of the World: Revolt of the Machines
The Armitage Files
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition
Horror Companion Explorer's Edition
Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
Horror on the Orient Express (2nd Edition)
Woodland Warriors Complete
Arcana Rising
Cepheus Engine System Reference Document
Tales from the Loop
Adventures in the Human Sphere
Myranische Formeln
H1: Keep on the Shadowfell
Deities & Demigods
Thieves' World
Dungeons & Dragons Set 1: Basic Rules
Dungeons & Dragons Set 2: Expert Rules
Mythic Game Master Emulator
GAZ2: The Emirates of Ylaruam
GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
Dungeons & Dragons Set 5: Immortals Rules
The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, Volume 1: Your Story
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Chronicles of Arax: Solo Adventure Game
Stars Without Number: Core Edition
Dungeons: A Solo Adventure Game
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook
Forgive Us
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Spellbook Cards: Arcane
Spellbook Cards: Cleric
Alone Against the Flames
Blades in the Dark
Curse of Strahd
Star Trek Adventures Core Book
Albino Peacock
King Arthur Pendragon (Edition 5.2)
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Episode: 112 - GM-less Masks with Rich Howard ( 78.69 MB / 104:15)
BALLISTIC TWO-IN-ONE, ISSUE #112: "WRATH OF THE RAKSHASA!" When remnants of the illegal weapons program that created him appear to resurface, BALLISTIC must call on an unlikely ally to help make things right--the haunting ghost child known only as WHISP! But there's more to this operation than meets the eye... especially when THE REVENANT gets involved! All-ages. $3.99. Digital download included with physical copy. WHELMED: THE YOUNG JUSTICE FILES: RICH HOWARD: FOLLOW RICH ON TWITTER: TRIBALITY: ALL MY FANTASY CHILDREN: PARTY OF ONE DISCORD: SUPPORT PARTY OF ONE ON PATREON: THEME SONG: Mega Ran feat. D&D Sluggers, "Infinite Lives," RandomBeats LLC, CALL YOUR REPS: DONATE: DONATE:
Podcast: Going Last
Episode: Episode 230 ( 43.37 MB / 47:23)
Raise your class to game companies continuing to spin out new imprints! Meanwhile, we turn into monsters before heading into Musicland to find our missing socks! Or... something like that. Coming up! Continue reading
Podcast: Daring Fables
Episode: Chapter 11: Mead and Mozzarella Sticks ( 113.86 MB / 82:55)
Ripley hides away, Dora makes a deal, Mara goes on a date, and Chip takes a nap. Donate to ParaFable: Subscribe on YouTube: Twitter: Tumblr:
Podcast: Fandible
Episode: Longshot: Numenera Ep 82 ( 26.23 MB / 44:00)
Leaving behind a future religious ghoul community, the travelers soon encounter the people who understand them better then anyone.  Longshot Episodes The post Longshot: Numenera Ep 82 appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.
Episode: Dinosaur World #12 Ghost Pirates ( 31.32 MB / 44:12)
In which our heroes travel back across the sea to battle with the dead and are caught unawares.Want to help support the show?Sanspants+: sanspantsplus.comPodkeep: sanspantsradio.podkeep.comUSB Tapes: audiobooksontape.comMerch: to get in contact with us?Email: sanspantsradio@gmail.comTwitter: sanspantsradio.comFacebook: individually at;Jackson:
Episode: Star Trek: Adventures - Living Campaign - Convoy SE-119 (Part 3) ( 61.74 MB / 67:15)

Space, the thing we have to cross...
These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Horizon.
Its ongoing mission, to seek out new life, to swear it was on stun the whole time, and to boldly claim WE CAN FIX IT!

A new chapter in the ongoing Star Trek: Adventures "Living Campaign" from Modiphius.

Consider supporting us today through Patreon:

Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Velvet Duke, Brent Morris, Josh Barbeau, and Conal MacBeth

"Star Trek: Adventures" published by Modiphius Entertainment

Episode: Episode 122 – The Good Friends observe the rituals of folk horror ( 105.4 MB / 76:44)

Folk Horror Main Topic We’re back and we’re hiding in the hedgerows, weaving twisted little corn dollies and performing unspeakable acts of Morris dancing. This episode is our discussion of the very British subgenre of folk horror. In particular, we’re … Continue reading →

The post Episode 122 – The Good Friends observe the rituals of folk horror appeared first on Blasphemous Tomes.

Episode: 72 — Tension ( 77.25 MB / 56:15)
This week we have a very special live preview of Tension, Alex Robert’s new game coming soon(ish) from Bully Pulpit games! This is a fantastic story of will they or won’t they or will they miss their chance using a jenga tower to create the tension of two people who really really want to, and really really shouldn’t. Phil Vecchione…

Continue reading →

Episode: MMP#293 – Irregular Gaming ( 31.83 MB / 69:32)
Hey Folks. This week it’s Nikki & Chris talking about what happens when your game groups can’t get together weekly or even Bi-weekly. Enjoy the show, let us know how we’re doing, and back us on Patreon where you can get the aftershow. Sponsors Todd Crapper: Freelancer Time Stamps 0:52 – What’s Going On 11:47 …

Continue reading »

Podcast: The RPG Academy
Episode: GM Master Class – Return to Rokugan – w GM Jim McClure episode 4 ( 58.73 MB / 64:09)
Hello and welcome to the newest RPG Academy podcast series - The GM Master Class.  In this series, we will be conducting a deep dive into an actual play series with the GM of that game/series - think of it as listening to a Director's Commentary track on a favorite movie. For this first series we are joined by GM Jim McClure and are returning to Rokugan to deep dive into the first of our Legend of the 5 Rings cross over series with One Shot.  In this episode we break down the second half of the second  episode of the L5R game originally featured on The One Shot Podcast. You can find links to the original, un edited version of the series here. If there is positive feedback from these episodes we will look to do more.  Let us know what you think! Comments and Feedback are always welcome. Thanks!! ~Michael E-mail us at Podcast@TheRpgAcademy Follow us on twitter @TheRpgAcademy Visit our Facebook Page Join our Google+ Community Page at: The RPG Academy Support our show by becoming a Patron at www.Patreon.Com/TheRpgAcademy  
Episode: 018: Nuthin’ But a ‘Zero-G’ Thang ( 5 MB / 0:00)

We start our episode with a partial look at the official character sheet for John Compton’s FrankenCHDRR rebuild. Chainsaw wings? Junk cannon? Tactical razor-bat? Yes, please! Getting back to the game, the team follows the trail of clues out to the Drift Rock, but their plans hit an unforeseen snag. Once on the Drift Rock, …

Continue reading "018: Nuthin’ But a ‘Zero-G’ Thang"

The post 018: Nuthin’ But a ‘Zero-G’ Thang appeared first on Roll For Combat: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast.

Episode: Bonus: Launch ( 10.21 MB / 14:37)

Did you know a lot of people dream of writing a book one day? Three out of every five people want to, but few follow through.

What does it take to make a dream a reality?

From Wondery, this is a new podcast called Launch that wants to figure that out. Written and hosted by John August, it’s a show about making something and putting that out into the world.

Will the book be a hit? Be a flop? You’ll know when we do. You can subscribe to Launch on Apple Podcasts or wherever you’re listening to this right now.

Here’s a preview of Launch.

Subscribe to Launch on Apple Podcasts
For more information visit

Episode: Episode 43 – The Consequences of Clocks ( 60.59 MB / 66:06)

In this episode Brandon and James talk about using mechanics ripped from other games to track campaign plot threads.   Notes Buy your copy of the Pasión de las Pasiones ashcan here.   Games mentions in this episode: Hydrohackers Urban Shadows Blades in the Dark Masks: A New Generation   Find us both on twitter …

The post Episode 43 – The Consequences of Clocks appeared first on Stop, Hack, and Roll.

Episode: Ep. 9 - To Basom ( 33.04 MB / 36:05)

After their last encounter, the bards are back on the road to Basom. But before stopping, they gain a little insight into their ensemble, and then step right out into the next chapter of their bardic tale.

Podcast: Thursday Knights
Episode: Season 3 Episode 48: The God of Thunder ( 119.24 MB / 142:15)
Six months later… Season 3 is played using the Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat Games. You can read all about it and purchase it on Evil Hat’s website.
Episode: Episode 63: Welcoming All Players ( 0 MB / 0:00)
All Are Welcome!
Episode: Outpost Siberia Playtest and Review ( 125.79 MB / 137:23)
We crack open the beautiful Tin of Outpost Siberia!
Join Jaaz, Kellie, Joclyne and I as  we learn a little russian, we have some drinks and plenty of ‘In soviet russia…’ jokes! Join us as we play our international group of outpost adventurers.
*Please be advised we were provided this game by IDW Games who sent me a copy of “Outpost: Siberia” for the purposes of this review,  but as always the opinions expressed are honest, open opinionaedand our own!*
Please anyone fluent in Russian let us know is w [...]
Podcast: Saving the Game
Episode: Episode 124 - Roleplaying in Mass Combat ( 60.73 MB / 44:13)

We’re back with a follow-up to our previous episode on mass combat! This time around, we’re talking about actually roleplaying in a mass combat scenario, and treating war and conflict as a setting for more traditional roleplaying. First, though, we plug Peter’s blog posts, and especially his heavy metal D&D setting design series and his most recent post on Horvu. (Happy Horvu, everyone!) We then tackle a question from Patreon supporter Richard, who asks us about Bible stories as one-shot games.

After our Scri [...]

Episode: Ep.15 Life Is Hard ( 19.93 MB / 21:24)

Curt and Dreger pick up some supplies, while Hez trains on her motorcycle. Listen with headphones for maximum immersion! Sonic Realms can be found on: Facebook Twitter Instagram You can support the continued existence of Sonic Realms through the following websites. More support means less time between episodes, better sound effects and sound quality, and […]

The post Ep.15 Life Is Hard appeared first on Sonic Realms Podcast.

Podcast: Save for Half
Episode: Episode 8.5: Gaming Magazines with Tim Kask, pt 2 ( 42.29 MB / 0:00)
HUR-rey, HUR-rey! HUR-rey! Come one, come all to the Save for Half Sideshow! We read some more emails from the fans, discuss minis at the table, and move into Part 2 of our talk with The Curmudgeon himself—Tim Kask. This show he talks about his return to the hobby in the 2000s and his work […]
Episode: RPPR Episode 150: PAX South 2018 Wrap Up ( 31.26 MB / 67:55)
Aaron, Tom, and I traveled down to Texas for PAX South 2018 and we had a blast! I finally got to play True Dungeon and we tried out multiple games that weekend like: True Dungeon: An escape room with LARPing and pog collecting (kind of). It’s got it all! Wild West Exodus: A new weird…
Podcast: The RPG Show
Episode: Episode 76 - Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean ( 0 MB / 82:54)

On this episode of The RPG Show: Brent and Nick talk the "hidden gem" Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean!

Join us on our forums to discuss this episode!

Like the show? Or are we a shitty translation? Either way, feel free to leave a rating and review on itunes.

Do you have questions or want to talk directly with a host? You can send an email to or follow us on twitter @TheRPGPodcast and we’ll respond as soon as we are able!

We now have a discord! Come join in discussion anytime or anywhere (as long as you get the mobile app): Discord.

You can help the show by using our Amazon Affiliate Link!

You can watch us fail at everything in real time on our Twitch Channel or watch it after the fact on our Youtube Channel, if we remember to stream or record that is!

As always, thanks for listening and until next time: “Bye Everybody!”

Podcast: Essential NPCs
Episode: 703 - If You Dare ( 0 MB / 81:19)
Essential NPCs Podcast - S7E03 - If You Dare Synopsis: The crew of the Iceberg are determined to gain access to the catacombs to search for a lost artifact. Cast: Tommy Cottin, Sean Foer, Nick Gajary, Addie Gia, Seth Lilley Music: "Open Those Bright Eyes" Kevin MacLeod ( "Gringo Flamenco" Montana Skies ( "Skye Cuillin" Kevin MacLeod ( "Folk Round" Kevin MacLeod ( "Brandenburg No4-1 BWV 1049" Kevin MacLeod (
Podcast: System Mastery
Episode: Expounded Universe 21 – When Waru Still Crushin’ (Ithorians) ( 48.19 MB / 0:00)
The Jedi children enjoy the literal fruits of their recent Proctor-bamboozling, Leia has a a wookie makeover party, and the Waru plot goopens, as the Bizarro Meatwad reveals his true […]
Episode: Ch. 4: Ep. 2 - The Siege of Stoneacre ( 189.97 MB / 82:59)

Our heroes return to Stoneacre to find it in ruins. Will they be able to liberate it and defeat the Strawman in time?

Craigg kicks down a door. Clae saves a tiny friend.

Episode: Episode 203 – Bat Cavalry ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Night falls over Hadestown. Surely here, at the bottom of the planet, surrounded by unknowable dangers and mortal threats, the players can sleep soundly and without interuption. Right?
Episode: DwD&D #132 – Strategy Game or Story Engine ( 17.26 MB / 37:42)
Let’s get down with the fiction or the game. Naw, lets get down with both. We’re talking game and story on this jam of Down with D&D so plug in and get your groove on. Back us on Patreon Links   WotC Asks WPN Stores to Vet Volunteers Faerie Fire, a 5e supplemental Adventurers League …

Continue reading »

Episode: Episode 248 - Hashtag Bride Tribe Part 2 ( 76.26 MB / 90:18)

We continue to party and take several trips down memory lane. We are also introduced to the hottest, newest Drunkeros sport. But really, we are all here to celebrate the union of Aludra Wyrmsbane and Jaela, the two greatest gals in this fantastical world. Their wedding gives me hope. It gives me joy. And most importantly, if gives me an excuse to drink a few too many drinks and dance the night away in Deephome.

One party is BMed (Bachelorette Master) by Toby and the other is BMed by Steve. As the parties are happening at the same time we will be going back and forth between each party. Please enjoy responsibly. (The episodes were recorded with all of Jaela's party and then all of Aludra's and David spliced them together. We were...much, much drunker in the Aludra party bits since it was an hour or so later.) 

The adventure continues with Steve Melloncamp (Mike Bachmann), Rowan Grey(Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard), Toby Treacletart (Tim Lanning) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro). Don’t forget to follow our editors Steph Kingston (@stephokingston) and David Stewart (@spudcam)!

Podcast art by @theZachNoll! Want the world to see your fan art? Tweet it with #DrunksAndDoodles or head on over to the forum.

Check out this week’s Blue Apron menu and get $30 off with free shipping at!

Head on over to to get your DSC starter set for just $5! Again, they have butt wipes. You deserve it.

Podcast: One Shot
Episode: 237. NeoScum Crossover Part 5 ( 57.66 MB / 83:57)
Dak, Tech, Lance, and Van have been tasked with dropping a suspicious artifact into an abandoned building by The Red Vale. Although the money is good everything else seems really bad. Can they do the right thing without making a huge mess? NEOYEAR CHARITY DRIVE Donate Learn more NEOSCUM Listen LIVE SHOWS Level Eater Chicago podcast […]
Podcast: The Tome Show
Episode: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (Tome 294) ( 87.8 MB / 95:52)

In this episode Jeff sits down with the Tome Show’s Social Media Guru, Ishmael Alvarez, Total Party Thrill Podcast host I-Hsien, and The Basics of the Game’s Jeremiah McCoy to discuss Wizards of the Coast’s latest 5e D&D release, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. This group pulls no punches as they talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly found in this guide!


Xanathar’s Guide on Amazon (Affiliate Link)


Ishmael Alvarez on Facebook

Fat Goblin Games

I-Hsien on Twitter

Total P [...]

Episode: Setting Difficulty Levels (episode 12) ( 36.28 MB / 50:45)
Tips and methods for adjusting encounter difficulty on the go, and tailoring it to parties of any composition.
Episode: Episode 26 (Part 1) – Dragonmeet 2017, Return to the #PodcastZone ( 38.66 MB / 0:00)
The Rolistes Podcast and the #PodcastZone are back for Dragonmeet 2017. It was less than a couple months ago but it already feels like ages. In this first part, several enthusiast tabletop RPG fans answered a few questions: Stuart, a " Roliste" (fan of the show) who was kind enough to visit Dragonmeet for the … Continue reading Episode 26 (Part 1) – Dragonmeet 2017, Return to the #PodcastZone
Episode: Botched Season 3 Episode 6: Platforming Isn't Easy ( 117.92 MB / 104:04)
In this session of 5th edition of D&D, the party investigates the strange music while looking for their faithful companion Kicks
Podcast: Dragon's Demize
Podcast: Dragons Demize
Episode: Podcast 91 – City of Iron ( 39.9 MB / 0:00)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting episode of Dragon’s Demize. This week, we review City of Iron Second Edition. In City of Iron, players compete to build the most successful empires through exploration, conquest, or industry. The game features an incredible variety of strategies, both in terms of how you acquire the resources you […]

The post Podcast 91 – City of Iron appeared first on Dragons Demize.

Podcast: Gamerstable
Episode: 2018 Resolutions & Challenges ( 52.35 MB / 51:09)
Episode: #40 - HELL HOUSE: Punching Nazis ( 43.64 MB / 47:08)
In This Episode: Roy Arroyo is thrown into the town jail for his unlawful behavior towards in the Dangling Bullhorn tavern. Jack Whiteside attempts to convince Lauren Crawley of a threat to the haunted house. Dan Williams tries to creep back up to the attic without alerting anyone, but fails miserably…   This Week’s Sponsor: Future Perfect Fortune Telling Services   Recommendos: Big Mouth Hand Of Fate White Gold   The Lovecraft Tapes is a real-play Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG campaign podcast recorded using OBS, YouTube, Roll20, Audacity and Adobe Creative Cloud. Episodes are available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and Podbean. For [...]
Episode: H&FotOSR#27 – Julian “Spellburn” Bernik & Jose “The Panhandler” LaCario ( 18.52 MB / 40:27)
On this episode Hobbs is joined by Julian “Spellburn” Bernik & Jose “The Panhandler” LaCario to talk about Dungeon Crawl Classics and its influence on gaming. Enjoy the show and let Jason know how we’re doing in the comments below or email us at Links Spellburn Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Dungeon Crawl …

Continue reading »

Episode: GMJ 202: Creating Encounters Using the DMG ( 0 MB / 98:01)
Today Lex returns to his exploration of the DMG with a discussion on creating encounters.
Podcast: Tabletop Potluck
Episode: Mouse Guard Episode Three: The Sticks Are Down ( 77.89 MB / 56:42)

The patrol has finally arrived at Lone Pine with badly needed supplies, but their troubles are far from over. They still have to deal with rude townsfolk, pungent scientists, and the mystery of what caused the disaster in the first place. It’s the conclusion of Mouse Guard, so be sure not to miss it!

Sally Chan - Amaia
Charlotte Elena - Trevor
Ray Goldberg - Eirianwen
Noah Heinrich - GM
Matthew Marquez - Thaddeus
Megan Scharlau - Ginnie

Theme music by Riley Allen,
"Lady of the Lake" and “Torn Apart”, courtesy of
"Ballad of the Ivory Lass" - Lyrics by David Petersen, Music & Performance by Jesse Glenn

Learn more about Mouse Guard at! 

Episode: Episode 94 - Path of Necromancy ( 64.22 MB / 70:04)

Episode 6 - Ghosts From The Past

The Many Pennies continue to face the giant displacer beast.
Also, Keth apologizes to Slask.

Follow us on twitter @AdventureIncPod
Like us on Facebook
Check out our website
Check here for NPC information.
Don’t forget to rate/review/subscribe!

Episode: Episode 7: All your volcano are belong to us ( 29.92 MB / 43:34)
Episode 7: All you volcano are belong to us

Flossy and Rin find a lead before things turn ugly, The men screw around with a fuzzy pet-pigeon-thing, and the whole crew brainstoms and comes up with the wackiest setup for a secret location.

want to see the drawing James made for the diagram of the secret base? click here

want to submit a jump point for us to use in the show? Go to our website for details.

Check out our website at, Twitter @chaotic_podcast and like our Facebook page! You can also rate and review the podcast at Podchaser

Episode: Panda’s Talking Games – 92: Finding People ( 17.51 MB / 19:07)
Show us…well, me…how you find new gaming friends when you move or need to start over! Phil is out with a broken arm. He is healing up, but sent a week in the hospital and had a couple of screws and a plate put in on Friday, so when I recorded this Monday, he was …

Continue reading »

Episode: Episode 51 - Stay the Course ( 106.77 MB / 94:25)

The gang reunites and figures out where to go next. While preparing to depart Tamash Ahir, they run into an old friend…

As always, big thanks to Tim @ and the folks at Battlebards for providing the SFX and ambiences used in this episode and every episode beyond! 

Thank you all for listening! Write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop us an e-mail at You can also leave us a rating or review on iTunes or the podcast service of your choice! We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your comments and feedback

Podcast: RPPR Actual Play
Episode: Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 19 ( 61.89 MB / 0:00)
In order to fight the cult of Logos and the Crystal Children, the Gate 9 crew must secure a powerful occult artifact before either side seizes it. Doing so without outside help may be impossible, so who will the crew turn to?
Podcast: The Lucky Die
Episode: [Ep. 11] Grievances ( 97.11 MB / 84:52)

After emerging from the Earth Dark, Balance crashes a party, Zaltanna dreams of getting ahead, and Rhal makes others feel his pain. What crimes did these prisoners commit? I guess we are about to find out...

Find us -


Twitter: @TLDPod

Arch - @Arch_DnD
Casey - @childofginevra
Neil - @BardicMartin
Volonda - @Blood_BTP

The Lucky Die is a podcast on The Spark Network: www.TheSpark.Network

Thanks to Jason Baesel for the amazing artwork!

Episode: 022: Kaukariki-Tikki-Tavi ( 143.65 MB / 116:09)
The crew find the jungles of Ukulam on Castrovel inhospitable, to say the least, as they battle extreme heat, terrifying fauna, and even vicious flora. Will they survive their journey? Crit Bits: Learn a bit about Rami, the moody technomancer, and the origins of all those trust issues. 
Episode: AS&S - The Taskforce 6 ( 15.8 MB / 22:15)
Dudes, this case is cracked. Now it's time to kick some ass and take some names. And maybe later Whitt will actually learn some of the names.
Episode: Episode 177 – The Allied NPC Tale ( 42.33 MB / 46:14)
This week we talk about NPCs why some get elevated, how to deal with the mechanics for those that do get elevated, and why some people make full PCs for an NPC. Things talked about in this episode: Heroes of the Hydian Way Silhouette Zero From A Certain Point of View Kitt Harrington Freemaker Adventures … Continue reading "Episode 177 – The Allied NPC Tale"
Episode: Episode 414: Xenoarchaeology In FTL: 2448 Part 3 ( 46.17 MB / 50:25)

This week we conclude our series on Xenoarchaeology in FTL:2448. We start with the Great Machines and the Not So Great Machines, various cultures and worlds, and end with Big Dumb Objects.

You can download the Xenoarchaeology PDF here. Links to other sites will be forthcoming.

Episode: Hexes & Bows S2E1: New Year, New Campaign! ( 103.13 MB / 75:05)

With new dice, new projects, and new cast members, the Hexes & Bows Podcast is ready to surprise attack 2018!

We’re beyond thrilled to be recording and sharing our geeky content with you and cannot thank you enough for your continued support. We sincerely hope the winter holiday season kept you in good spirits and, perhaps, introduced you to new games! We’ve got lots of updates to share in this episode including some details regarding our actual play podcast, a new podcast release schedule, and a brand new cast member!

After the announcements you’ll find an excellent discussion about the impact of playing board games as a child may have impacted our lives as adults, sharing the love of tabletop gaming by introducing the hobby to family, how gamers can be involved with local comm [...]


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