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The Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-earth
Spirit of the Century
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Episode: Season 08 - Episode 04 - To Koboldly Go ( 101.82 MB / 74:08)
Bernum caught a Kobold. Like actually caught him. In midflight. So what the hell is going to happen there? And how will Methuzala and Fickle help fight off these cunning creatures and their mighty Orc master? And what is going on? Maybe they should just run away from the whole campaign, just to see how the DM reacts.   Here is the link for the Formal Gamer Survey. Vote for what you want to hear next season.     We are also introducing a new player, Mira Manga.  If you want to hear more from Mira you can check her out on her own show Girls On Tour Podcast.        If you want to buy a badge or T-shirt you can check out our tiny store at Zazzle. Maps and art at the 
Episode: Useless Drivel – This is an Episode ( 29.25 MB / 63:53)
It’s still technically Friday, so you can’t say we didn’t release this on time. You can, however point out how little effort was made for the post. We’re busy adults, and this is free so… It’s a brand new episode … Continue reading →(Read more...)Categories: Uncategorized
Episode: 82 - Caltrop My Wife ( 42.08 MB / 61:18)

Stink-eye and the boys run away from the fuzz in the most yackity sax way possible. Will they get busted or make it back to the Swimming Hole with their loot to draw out Enigma. Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey(Luddy), Verge(Kadrian), Brandt(Stink-eye) and Craig(Tomas).| | @dungeoneerspod

Episode: Critical Hit #410: Weird Western: The Swamp of Despair (PF019) ( 81.61 MB / 118:45)

In this installment of Critical Hit - A Major Spoilers Podcast: A tableau of tales tell the struggle between the different races of the swamp region.

Visit the Major Spoilers store for Critical Hit and Major Spoilers merchandise!

Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at It will help ensure Critical Hit continues far into the future!

Contact us at A big Thank You goes out to everyone who downloads, subscribes, listens, and supports this show. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our ramblings each week. Tell your friends about the podcast, get them to subscribe and, be sure to visit the Major Spoilers site and forums.

Episode: Bonus Episode - Battle Maps vs Theater of the Mind ( 97.3 MB / 90:56)

We put together this panel of veteran game masters to discuss the use of battle maps or theater of the mind in Savage Worlds games. Eli Kurtz from the Mythic Gazetteer, Frank Turfler from Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Trading Co., and Ron Blessing of Smiling Jacks Bar & Grill fame got together with Gary and Eric to share which method they prefer and why.

Some tough questions were asked, new techniques were shared and, as always, laughs were had.

Podcast: Dice To Meet You
Episode: GMC 006 – Horror Games with Elaine Duff ( 21.94 MB / 31:56)
Y'all ready to get spooked? This episode, I speak with Elaine Duff, who runs horror games in the Call of Cthulu and Little Fears systems. To share your own D&D experiences and questions, contact Keith at or @keithmcblane on twitter. Also, the D&D sourcebook that Keith wrote, Fursona 5E, is out now at, in both digital and softcover formats. You can buy it at this link:
Podcast: BAMF Podcast
Episode: Dan Abnett Talks Dr Who, Aquaman, Captain Kronos ( 192.11 MB / 83:56)

Dan Abnett stops by the BAMFcast. We talk about the 13th Doctor Who, his epic, ongoing run on Aquaman, his upcoming comic adaptation of the Hammer classic Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter - and much more.

13th Dr Who

Aquaman Issue 25 

Captain Kronos

Episode: Bear in the Fog ( 34.6 MB / 30:15)

Have the characters avoided a Julius Caesar style execution? How will they get out of this tricky situation?

Cast - Corina, Ian, Jackson, Jennifer

DM - Kai

Edited by David & Kai

Visit our website.

Follow us on twitter and facebook.

Support our patreon.

Music - Cinesound Productions & Kevin McCloud

Art - Steven Bellshaw & Naddaya

Sound Effects - Freesfx / Freesound / Prosoundeffects

Podcast: The RPG Academy
Episode: Welcome to Detention – LIVE, Episode 21 ( 47.29 MB / 82:39)
Hello Academaniacs! Welcome to Detention!   Detention is sponsored by BattleBards and Easy Roller Dice.   As usual, these episodes are a little more rough around the edges, with less editing to reflect a more conversational tone. They also include more of the tangents, bad jokes, and adult language that we tend to use when we're hanging out and having fun. Detention LIVE is the new weekly LIVE talk show format podcast from The RPG Academy. Extra curricular is where the hosts discuss things happening outside of their RPG lives. 10 Things Improv game Where have my fingers been. In Used Books - game using players as characters and that died due to scheduling Cryptozoology - Kobolds Audience Q&A As always, thanks for listening. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for future episodes. We hope you enjoy. Comments and Feedback are always welcome.   E-mail us at Podcast@TheRpgAcademy Follow us on twitter @TheRpgAcademy Visit our Facebook Page Join our new Google+ Community page: The Rpg Academy Become a backer: and get episodes early and other great rewards  
Episode: Episode Ninety Four – Tailor Tinker Soldier Barista ( 47.69 MB / 52:05)
A specialised but oddly thematic team operates on the edges of a semi-collapsed future. Extraterrestrial battle fleets we can deal with. Rogue dimension-shifting monstrosities can be contained. We’re not sure what to do about George the coffee guy. What are the different approaches to Secret Agenting? “Well, yes, our scheme IS underhanded, but we never […]
Podcast: Run and Gun
Episode: Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 8 ( 115.03 MB / 158:55)

Her house was neat. Impossibly so, especially considering the stagnant state of town and the cavalcade of needy that shuffled through her arched doors. It was midday as her sons, foolish boys that looked more like a memory everyday, were out inflicting their presence out on the town, even as daily the town inflicted it’s way back through fools and the fearful. Her house was neat. A by product of immaculate attention and wealth that the town had mostly forgotten outside the Baroness. The town always felt like it expected to be older money than it was, and she was happy to be one source of whispers. Both in, and out. And today the whispers grew louder. Her house was neat. Because she needed it to stay that way. Follow the rules. Do not stand out despite name and deed seeming so loud before that fool of an inquisitor and her bold strokes that left cloven into her two narrow categories of the world with a fervent bloodlust. It’s a shame that the lady inquisitor made such a mess. Her house was neat; before he came to visit. He knew subtlety when he wished, though a vampire’s subtlety is not the same. He spoke in honeyed words, the same as the first time he spoke to her as such a young girl with no view of the world but sadness. And suddenly Lady Wachter remembers, all those years before when she first knew the beauty and the idyllic danger of her lord… And how their house had been… So messy. It had been years before the signs of blood left the bedroom. But those years were buried under more. Now his confidant voice leaves again, leaving her alone in the midday dark of a briefly empty home, a powerful woman of rumor exhaling to herself. She whispers something to the obscure space of the passing day. And though I apologize, I do not know it’s contents dear listener, because for once on Innistrad, no one heard it. For when they’d come, the house would be neat. Side Chatter MUSIC CREDITS: Dark Walk Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License PLAYERS James – Conrad Starkherz – Paladin: An inquisitor of the Avacynian church, dedicated to the destruction of evil by all available means. His fighting skills are weathered by his age, but he has come to rely […]

The post Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 8 appeared first on The Drunk and The Ugly.

Episode: Episode 28 ( 76.68 MB / 83:45)

In the City of Remembrance, on the hunt for Agasha Tsuraki, the yoriki learn that they might not be only ones seeking their person of interest.

Follow us on twitter: @sotcpod

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Shadow of the Cabal is a proud member of the RPG Academy Podcast Network. If you're having fun, you're doing it right.

Podcast: Dragon's Demize
Podcast: Dragons Demize
Episode: Podcast 69 – Eldritch Horror ( 44.97 MB / 0:00)

Welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Dragon’s Demize. This week, we review the Lovecraftian behemoth Eldritch Horror. Edritch Horror is a cooperative game for 1-8 players. Players take on the role of investigators, and travel around the world attempting to prevent the awaking of a particular Elder God. Gameplay revolves around skill checks, with […]

The post Podcast 69 – Eldritch Horror appeared first on Dragons Demize.

Podcast: Fandible
Episode: Predation: Agents of S.A.T.I 1 of 2 ( 53.98 MB / 116:45)

In the age of dinosaurs, four unlikely companions find themselves employed by a powerful Corporation for a secret mission. Thankfully, there is no way it can go horribly wrong.

The post Predation: Agents of S.A.T.I 1 of 2 appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.

Podcast: The Tome Show
Episode: The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 44 - Mazirian the Magician by Jack Vance ( 81.35 MB / 71:05)
The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 44 - Mazirian the Magician by Jack Vance   How many spells can you prepare in one day? Discover the reason spell-casters in Dungeons & Dragons work differently from spell-casters in any other fantasy fiction. What’s more, get lost in the cold, enchanting beauty of Earth’s last days in the Tales of the Dying Earth.   John Holbrook “Jack” Vance born August 28, 1916 in San Francisco died May 26, 2013   Vance spent childhoon in San Francisco and then Oakley, CA attended the Universi [...]
Episode: The Persona 4 Golden and Chrono Trigger Report Finales! | 07/20/2017 ( 99.81 MB / 87:13)

Kat and Nadia finally wrap up their Chrono Trigger (22:00) and Persona 4 Golden (47:36) reports, but not before diving into Final Fantasy XII and (gasp) Kingdom Hearts 3. It's a historic first for the Blood God as we go LIVE!

Read more at! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook at @usgamernet! Have comments or questions about the show? Email us at We may read your letter on the show!

Episode: Episode 251: Where, As Opposed to What and AAAHH! ( 35.92 MB / 62:17)
As one Kickstarter ends, another begins, specifically on Tuesday, July 25. In Among My Many Hats Ken tells us about his cool new book, Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, which is Kickstarting on Tuesday, July 25. The Gaming Hut poses a GMing question: when is it best for us, as Game Masters, not to talk? […]
Episode: Vox Republica 147: Sea Captains And Solo Games ( 65.19 MB / 70:38)
Episode 147: Sea Captains And Solo Games

Length: 1:10:37

Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Stitcher | Download Episode


Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every other Thursday, with each episode being about 45 minutes long.

Vox Republica is proudly supported by our Patreon. Consider contributing today!

DESCRIPTION: This week, Erin and Ryan go into detail on a few of the games they've been playing, then discuss the lingering stigma of solo board gaming. Then they cap it off by having on a pair of folks who know a thing or two about solo games: Chris Taylor and Alan Emrich, the minds behind solo game hit Nemo's War!

GUESTS: Chris Taylor and Alan Emrich


QUICK TOPICS – (19:21):

  • Branching largely off of the recent article around solo gaming stigmas by the site Gaming for Justice, both Erin and Ryan reflect on their own opinions on solo gaming, its place in the hobby, and whether or not it has any appeal to them personally - and why.


  • And then since it ties in so darn nicely, we sit down with Chris and Alan of Victory Point Games to discuss the 2nd Edition of Nemo's War, our July Indie Spotlight game. A solo game based on Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you captain the infamous Nemo and the Nautilus around the world going on adventures, fighting imperial ships, and exploring the natural world. We talk about a range of topics on the game, including:
    • How they chose the theme of the game
    • What made them want to make a 2nd edition
    • What prompted them to use Kickstarter over their traditional on-demand model
    • Their opinion on the source material itself
    • And some exclusive info on what may lie in store for more Nemo-based adventures down the line!

PLUGS - (1:10:37):

  • We're doing a Gen Con panel! If you're going, come check out Cardboard Quills: A Written Reviewer Roundtable - a written reviewer Q&A. (If you can't make it, feel free to still leave a question you'd like asked and we can see if we can get it answered!)
  • We’re raffling off a copy of Rolling America (plus a surprise!) to a lucky Patreon backer. Consider donating today!
  • As always, Cardboard Republic YouTube videos, Instagram pictures, and the BGG Guild are still ongoing. Subscribe to one or two - or all of them if you really love us. You do really love us, right?


We’d love to hear from you! You can send questions or feedback via email at You can also reach us social media, including TwitterFacebook, and BoardGameGeek.


Audio Credits: Intro music track is "Swing!" by Bargo!, used under Creative Commons license.

Episode: The Streets of Avalon. Fourteen – Urgon ( 14.13 MB / 30:52)
Last time on the Streets of Avalon our rogues helped Vera and saved a griffon from a couple of goblins. Now the question is what will they do with the griffon and what is behind the brick wall they’re tearing down? Lets find out what moves our rogues will make next. Welcome to the Streets …

Continue reading »

Episode: Bonus Episode #003: Wrath of the Wild (Part 2) ( 56.43 MB / 61:23)
Godsfall is joined by the cast of The Dungeon Rats as we dive back into the Ironwood.
Podcast: System Mastery
Episode: Gamma Crawl X – Episode 3 ( 69.09 MB / 0:00)
This time on the continuing adventures of Occulus Vive, Teddy Rustbin, and Yu-go the Nyarlathotank we find our heroes faced with a fiendish trap and pitted against the fiendish Bird […]
Episode: CVGAP #049 - SW Episode 14 - Incident at Endor ( 184.47 MB / 134:10)

Episode 14 of the Long Shot campaign for Star Wars (d6) from West End Games - The Finale!

Episode: Titansgrave – Episode 31- Ooh! A Button! ( 0 MB / 56:00)
The Hoshtog Heroes just destroyed 4 vampires! What awaits them next?
Episode: Ep 127 Alamrin Vin Pt 4: Interrogation and Automation ( 110.16 MB / 96:15)
The crew goes is looking for answers! First, why have the worshipers of the evil elemental lord Hshurha been after them. Second, find more information on the powerful amulet that they secretly carry!
Episode: DM-Nastics 91: Naga Give You Up ( 27.12 MB / 19:44)
Welcome back to DM-Nastics - the gym for Dungeon Masters to work out their minds!  Content: Naga give you up. Naga let you down with this one! In the gym: DM Neal and DM Josh Tie Back Episode: 109: RAAH Real Monsters VI; Nagas Forum Post: #91: Naga Give You Up
Episode: Apocalypse World: The Legend of Dapper Joe - Part 3 ( 59.52 MB / 65:10)
The final episode of this campaign will be recorded live at ConBravo! Happening on the last weekend of July, the 28th - 30th, you can buy your tickets now at At the time of this posting the exact time of the panel is 1:30pm on Saturday July 29th in The Lair (Room 314), follow us on twitter (at)DiceWarriors for any and all updates about the weekend! In the Apocalypse World there is a rumour of a place, or an item, or a source where all this began. The story changes person to person but the name is always the same. THE HAMMER. Somewhere out there is a place where all the water is clean and you're always safe, The Hammer. Or it's a weapon of untold power and potential. Or it's a vault that holds the source of the whatever it is that ended our world and left behind a maelstrom of psychic fuckery. And support us today through Patreon: Terrible Warriors: Derek Burrow, Shane Fitzgerald, Will Mitchell, and Wes Gunn
Episode: Adventures in the New World - Ep 73 ( 31.59 MB / 55:13)

- The Final Delve pt 1 - 

This is our D&D "actual play" campaign featuring the Board with Life cast and crew! This Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition campaign titled "Adventures in the New World" takes place in a custom campaign setting created by Donald. Dig the show?  Rate us on iTunes and tell your friends!

Thank you for supporting us on Patreon!

Featured players:

  • Donald Shults (Show-Runner/Writer/Director) as the Dungeon Master
  • Chris Bryan (Show-Runner/Writer/Director) as Daughter the Sorcerer
  • Niki Shults (Writer/Director) as Peregrine the Druid
  • Andrew Manson (Music/Assistant Director) as Jessica the Barbarian
  • Adam Henderson (Editor/Camera) as Namfle the Bard

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Podcast: Strange Assembly
Episode: Strange Assembly 218 - Dragon ( 34.06 MB / 74:23)
Chris and Jay discuss the L5R LCG Crab story and previews. Plus free Classic Legend of the Five Rings history lessons!
Episode: G2B Ep. 265: inVokeR ( 36.12 MB / 0:00)
VR games are all the rage these days, so how better to discuss 8th Shore's upcoming wizard simulator than with a bunch of old guys who suffer from motion sickness talking to the developer while downing some beer? Get your electronic head gear ready for episode 265 of Guys Games and Beer!

Also make sure to check out inVokeR on Steam!

Audio Only Version Below
Episode: Anna Prosser Robinson on Dice Camera Action ( 119.47 MB / 86:59)
Roleplayer, Twitch host, and cofounder of Misscliks, Anna Prosser Robinson (@annaprosser) comes on the show to discuss her character Evelyn, women wrestling shows, and what it’s like playing with Chris Perkins on Dice Camera Action each Tues. on at 4pm PT. Hosts Greg Tito (@gregtito) and Shelly Mazzanoble (@shellymoo) go a bit crazy. Watch Dragon Talk recordings live on Mondays at 2pm PT!
Podcast: Fandible
Episode: SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×12 ( 26.42 MB / 37:41)

With the Ninth Sister and four stormtroopers in tow, Inquisitor Castian Saaya braves the Coruscant Underworld. It is here that he finds monster stories hold a hint of truth to them.

The post SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×12 appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.

Episode: 40. Jay Treat ( 48.2 MB / 52:37)
Designer and long-time small-time con organizer Jay Treat joins us to talk cards, larps, and the careful calibration of tone.
Podcast: The Smart Party
Episode: Counting Beans ( 69 MB / 0:00)
Episode 54 – Counting Beans After attempting to take his own thumb off, Gaz has drunk a healing potion and Baz has shown the usual amount of sympathy. Judged and found wanting. Talking of calculating things, this time the boys talk about money, encumbrance, hit points – anything you can count! And if you should,…
Episode: TPT #103: Leveling Up & Iron Face ( 31.44 MB / 54:49)
Hosts I-Hsien and Shane discuss ways to handle leveling up at your table and in your games. In the Dynasty Unwarranted campaign, the crew escape a storm only to get wrecked, and Iron Face has a deadly left hook and a winning smile in the Character Creation Forge. (54m) Important Links: Introduction to RPG Podcasting: […]
Episode: Game Master's Journey 165: Creating Campaign Events ( 0 MB / 95:17)
Lex returns to the Dungeon Master's Guide to discuss creating campaign events. These events are the perfect way to begin or end a campaign, or to renew flagging interest in a campaign that's grown stagnant. Finally, Lex discusses ending a campaign.
Episode: D&D 5E News Week 29 - D&D Beyond Announcement, Tomb of Annihilation: Wizkids Miniatures, DM Traits to Shine at a Convention ( 108.36 MB / 84:34)

D&D Beyond Launches with Reasonable Prices & A Blogger’s Reaction to It, Sage Advice Episodes on Twitch & YouTube.  This Week DM David’s 3 Traits for For being a DM that Shines at Conventions, More Gencon information.  Kobold Press’ New 5E Products, Podcasts & 5e Blogs

D&D Beyond Launch & Pricing Details Announced

Sage Advice Episodes on Twitch & YouTube.

Episode: Episode #38: Two Player Games ( 112.08 MB / 108:16)

In this episode, Sarah, Jesse, and Cathy talk about two player games, and Cathy interviews Tanya DePass about diversity in gaming.

Episode: Actual Play Episode 147 – Weird and Weirder ( 48.05 MB / 52:27)
Show Notes: Sound Effects by Syrinscape. Because Epic games need Epic game sounds
Episode: AGC 215 July 15th 2017 (AetherCon) (58:05) ( 26.59 MB / 0:00)
With Mark Kinney, Carol, Stephen J. Holodinsky, and Ed Clower. Introducing our guests. The Blue Bugbear Collective? ENnies love for Third Eye (and go vote, people!). GenCon 4-Day Badge Sellout. AetherCon, and online gaming convention. Company and creator support, prizes, the online vendor hall, and more! The funniest gaming story contest, Anvil Alley, and speed painting. No lawnmowers!

Download 64kbps mp3 (2709 MB)

Show links
ENnie Awards Voting
GenCon Press Release
AetherCon on Twitter
AetherCon on Facebook
AetherCon on Google+

Be sure to check out Gamerati!

AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark: Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook (Modiphius)
Carol:City of Mist Starter Set (Amit Moshe)
Ed: Unwritten: Adventures in the Age of Myst (InkWorks Productions)
Stephen: 1879 RPG Players Guide (FASA)
Purchasing through our Affiliate Links help support the show!

Episode: Dungeon World: Inverse World – “Ice Loch 1” ( 47.99 MB / 104:50)
This week, Rag-NERD-rok takes to the upside-down skies of Inverse World with the first installment of a three-episode mini-campaign! A criminal mastermind known as The Tentacle contracts Captain Seahawk and his crew of rowdy misfits aboard the Solar Sailor to travel to the island of Ice Loch and force the local government to loosen its [...]
Podcast: Nerd Poker
Episode: Episode 14 - Shrug To The Camera ( 84.22 MB / 61:20)

Our heroes formally initiate a raid on Count Bariss' castle, leaving a mess on his doorstep before heading through the north tower window. Will they murder everything? Will their alignments change? C'mon, you know the answer. They kill a lot of gross stuff. Bodhi stomps.

Episode: Episode 45 Building Vampire the Masquerade Games ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Download Episode!Episode 45 Building Vampire the Masquerade Games   James and Lacey lay out our method for building politics and drama into your Vampire the Masquerade or any other political RPG. If you can decipher my terrible handwriting here is what we created during the podcast. Hope this help some of you get your World...

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Podcast: Comic Strip AP
Episode: Don't Rest Your Head 10 ( 9.76 MB / 15:35)

Rich and Paul are playing Don’t Rest Your Head!



Alan Turner, the awake

Mr. Stock, a wine shop attendant

A young stall attendant



Recap (00:15)

On the Move (00:45)

Ease on Down the Road (03:11)

Mr. Stock (04:28)

Hit the Streets (07:38)

The Bizarre Bazaar (10:23)

Nowhere Man (12:56)



Intro song is Kevin MacLeod Dirt Rhodes
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

- Maggot Brain by Parliament Funkadelic

Outro song is Nothing by Coven (

Episode: Bone, Stone, and Obsidian – Episode 2: Survival ( 48.75 MB / 60:57)
The sands of Athas are unforgiving to those without bone, stone, or obsidian to protect their water–and their lives. In this episode, Robert and Wayne talk about more than just sand and desert. Join us for a survival guide to Athas! Topic Survival and scarcity: lore, story, and mechanics Note Dark Sun Net-Projects Contact Robert (Twitter) …

Continue reading »

Episode: Wis, July 2017: Gamesmanship ( 41.29 MB / 37:46)


This week, Liam, Ian, Eoin and Sean discus Gamesmanship, what are you willing to do to win.


We had show notes, but the dog ate them.They are being redone as we speak and will be up as soon as possible :)

Episode: MMP#267 – Fight the Man ( 38.82 MB / 84:48)
Hey folks. This week we’re throwing punches at the authority and taken the fight to The Man!!! To help us out we’re bringing Robert Bohl in to back us up and while he’s here we’re talking Misspent Youth. an RPG about fighting the authority, which is Kickstarting right now. Sponsors Bagthulhu & Wayward Masquerade Time …

Continue reading »

Episode: Episode 139: Nemo's War, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower and a Short Topic Extravaganza ( 107.72 MB / 203:42)
Gen Con is right around the corner which means our meetup is also right around the corner and today the Founders are joined by Honorary Founder Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games to name their beer! Then the gang reviews their first solo game, Nemo's War and look back at Warhammer Quest Silver Tower one year later. And after Tony T goes bananas with a news roundup the guys host another Short Topic Extravaganza including teaching board game rules, how important is replayability and more.
Episode: D&D Journey of the fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 50 ….No it’s Sleeping! Or where the Trolls call home ( 81.27 MB / 88:46)

Join Kellie (Sister Solace), Kerrie (Tallyn), Brittany (Stranger #1- the Pirate Barbarian Half Orc), Nicole (’Stag’- Outlander Druid), Jess (Hugh Mann) Jaaz (Kriv) and myself as we play through D&D Princes of the Apocalypse adventure module:

Abolish an Ancient Evil Threatening Devastation in this Adventure for the World s Greatest Roleplaying Game Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes

“Any second its going to buckle!”


“what are you going to do?” (I say this a lot I noticed)

“You’ll get um next time.”

“The Trolls have gone crazy!”

“Thank you Mark at Tucson Games and Gadgets!”

“I’m not that kind of dwarf!”

“There’s a glow coming from this room.”

“I might just stay back and let them come to me…”


Episode: Episode 55: DCC Fan Favorites ( 0 MB / 0:00)
DCC Fan Favorites!
Podcast: Fear the Boot
Episode: Episode 450 – opportunity in a vacuum ( 29.67 MB / 63:28)
* (0:29) White whales. * (2:09) What do you want to run but have never had the chance to? * (10:17) What do you want to play but have never had the chance to? * (18:14) What do you want to get published but never have? * (27:07) A big thanks to Chris Torres. * […]

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