The Hotness
Legacy of Dragonholt
The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition
Beyond Bightwater
Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
Dungeon World Roleplaying Game
Dark Streets & Darker Secrets
Star Wars Roleplaying Adversary Deck: Republic & Separatist II Adversary Deck
The Gathering Storm
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Game Master's Guide
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box
Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Boxed Set (Second Edition)
Tales from the Loop
Treasure Hunter: Complete Rulebook (1st Edition)
DNH: The Haunting of Hastur - A Campaign (OSR Edition)
Ur-Turuk City Guide
Breaking the Ice
Lords of Creation
Pathfinder #031: Stolen Land
HS1: The Slaying Stone
Bloodsand Arena
Alien: FUZION - Stage One: The Basic Game
Alien Resurrection
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set
Lure of Power
Pathfinder #055: The Wormwood Mutiny
Pathfinder #056: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Pathfinder #057: Tempest Rising
Pathfinder #059: The Price of Infamy
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition
The Enemy Within
Wrath of the Autarch
Monster Manual (D&D 5e)
Blades in the Dark
Curse of Strahd
Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide
Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster's Guide
Starfinder Core Rulebook
Pathfinder #127: Crownfall
City of Mist Core Book
Book M
Bunnies & Burrows Fantasy Role Playing Game
Buildings of the Reikland
The Khyber Khronicle Volume 07
Rebel Times (Issue 139 - Apr 2019)
Monster Manual (D&D 4e)
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Episode: Chimpions UK S1E4 – Ask your MP ( 48.03 MB / 59:57)
Chimpions UK S1E4 - Ask your MP
Episode: A Little Bit of Magic with Virginia (and a Lot of Cybernetics with Alita: Battle Angel) ( 71.24 MB / 0:00)
Listen & review on ITunes.  Meet Virginia aka @TabletopHoard, Londoner, Critter, RPG streamer and Publishing Assistant at Modiphius. Come find out about her first steps in The Hobby, her work on “John Carter of Mars” our "Achtung ! Cthulhu: Shadows of Altantis" on Encounter Role Play and even a little bit of paganism. Meanwhile, we headed … Continue reading A Little Bit of Magic with Virginia (and a Lot of Cybernetics with Alita: Battle Angel)
Episode: MUP Episode 171 – Beware of Sebek’s Minions! ( 109.35 MB / 63:42)
This episode Jon and Murph talk about Sebek’s servitors, the Petesouchi! This episode of the Miskatonic University Podcast is also proudly sponsored by Pelgrane Press and Squamous Studios! Also, a huge thanks to Sean for editing this episode. Please join the discussions on MUP’s Discord Channel. PELGRANE PRESS Lovecraft created his “shadowy congeners” because the […] The post MUP Episode 171 – Beware of Sebek’s Minions! appeared first on Miskatonic University Podcast.
Episode: The Black Hack (2e), Rider's Last Rites, The King is Dead ( 76.23 MB / 56:28)
Games Played 00:50 - Sherri's games played 01:29 - Sherri's Game Spotlight - The Black Hack 2nd edition 07:50 - Vee's games played 08:35 - Vee's Game Spotlight - Rider's Last Rites 21:19 - Hayley's games played 21:35 - Hayley's Game Spotlight - The King is Dead 31:29 - Lowell's games played 31:53 - Lowell's Game Spotlight - Masks as a quarterly game experienceGuest Segment 40:28 - What The Storybrewers Are Brewing Up!Giving Me Life 51:25 - Sherri's foray into game design! 52:32 - Vee's love of sports, and bouldering 53:06 - Hayley's trip to Port Macquarie  59:50 - Lowell is playing Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World (it looks like work)   Links The Black Hack (2e)   Rider's Last Rites   The King is Dead    
Podcast: Fandible
Episode: TMAYC Ep 8: Aaron Catano-Saez ( 38.31 MB / 34:52)
Tell Me About Your Character returns with the talented Aaron Catano-Saez from All My Fantasy Children! We talk about why every party needs a bard, the magic of building stories from randomness, and, of course, about his character: the man, the myth, the legend, Ashley Fask! The post TMAYC Ep 8: Aaron Catano-Saez appeared first on Fandible Actual Play Podcast.
Episode: 242- The Unexpected Tale ( 32.05 MB / 35:00)
Surprises can be an amazing thing, and we have a few ideas on how to turn a cliff hanger into something that the players will never expect. From fantastic settings to NPCs that will haunt your players long after they’re put back in the box, we have ideas. Things talked about in this episode: Baby … Continue reading "242- The Unexpected Tale"
Episode: Who is Braxxon Tariq? ( 79.13 MB / 57:37)
As it approaches 3:33 AM, our party begins forming their sneaky plans for the night. While everyone else is sleeping, they set out into the dark mansion of the mysterious mayor. Will the three of them be able to discover the truth about Braxxon Tariq and his plans? Or will everything go terribly, terribly wrong?!Website: Visit, and join our newsletter for monthly updates!Email: letters@makebelieveheroes.comTwitter: @MBHPodcast Facebook: MBHPodcastDo you need some SWEET new gaming dice? Look no further than Dice Envy! They sell amazing dice that you can't find anywhere else, and what's better, they have their own subscription service in the Monthly Dice Box! Go now using THIS LINK and enter the code HEROES to get 10% off your first month!Interested in using some of the awesome sound effects from this episode at your table? You can check them out at BattleBards! And if you use our code "MBHPODCAST," then you can even get 15% off of your BattleBards Prime subscription! Check it out, their stuff is AMAZING.To view full attribution and credits for the sound effects from this episode, visit our Attribution Page.
Podcast: Dragon's Demize
Podcast: Dragons Demize
Episode: Board Game Glossary – “Euros” ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Hello listeners! We’ve talked before on this podcast (and at past WashingCons) about how difficult it can be to truly define some of the terms we commonly use to describe board games. With that in mind, we have decided to tackle some of the most popular categories of games, and really try to break them […]
Episode: Character Evolution Cast E11 - Established Settings with Victoria Rogers ( 67.79 MB / 73:55)
In today’s Character Evolution Cast episode, Victoria Rogers (The Broadswords DM) joins Ryan and guest co-host Marie-Claire Gould (What The Force? Host and Fan Girls Creator) to talk about the pros and cons of playing in an established setting.
Podcast: Dungeon Junkies
Episode: GoT Real Talk 1: Joey Snow ( 84.64 MB / 36:59)
Expect the Unexpected, which now makes it expected. www.dungeonjunkies.comPatreonTwitter: @dungeonjunkieFacebookiTunes
Podcast: That DnD Podcast
Episode: Swamp Wizards -36- He has been mixing it up with the White Court.... ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Well, things didn’t work out so well with the whole manatee-Tony situation. At least, there have definitely been some complications. And That Certain Imagination Corporation is definitely looking for some princesses that maybe our team has maybe started finding? Hm. Hmmmmm. Next up: we discuss magical cars eating monorails!Pledge/donate on Patreon: feedback to:  ThatDnDPodcast@Gmail.comVisit our website: http://www.thatdndpodcast.comAmazon Link:
Episode: Episode 28 (Part 1) Monsters! Monsters! RPG (with Ken St Andre) ( 164.92 MB / 0:00)
Download Episode INTRO: 00:00:16 – This is the first part of a two part episode looking at the games and worlds created by Ken St Andre. He’s one of the founders of the hobby and tremendously influential on the development of RPGS. OPEN BOX: 00:04:40 – Live from his Troll Cave in Arizona, The Trollgodfather …

Continue reading
Podcast: The RPG Academy
Episode: Show & Tell # 67 – Endless Realms: Tome of Spirits ( 44.42 MB / 48:31)
Hello and welcome to Show and Tell, the podcast series from The RPG Academy where we bring on a guest and talk about something cool. In this episode Tom sits down with our guests Kirsty Garbe and Sherman Tommy of Lunar Games and the something cool is the latest Kickstarter for their new RPG supplement Endless Realms: Tome of Spirits. The Endless Realms rpg was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year and now that it has been fulfufilled the team at Lunar Games is bringing you their first supplement, Tome of Spirits. Endless Realms is an RPG all about creating something new and unique in the fantasy rpg scene. Tome of Spirits will be live on Kickstarter April 23, 2019. Tome of Spirits will offer 200+ pages of Class Paths, magic items, new rules for corruption, a wealth of lore on the spirit realms, and so much more. Check out Endless Realms: Tome of Spirits - Lunar Games - Enjoy! Comments and Feedback are always welcome. Thanks!! ~Michael E-mail us at TheRpgAcademy/Gmail. Follow us on twitter @TheRpgAcademy Visit our Facebook Page Join our Google+ Community Page at: The RPG Academy Support our show by becoming a Patron at www.Patreon.Com/TheRpgAcademy  The music used during our intro and outro is a modified version of Fly a Kite by Spectacular Sound Productions  Used under the Creative commons Attribution-shareAlike License.
Episode: Episode 159 - The War of the Orcs ( 67.78 MB / 73:56)
Epilogue - The Fall of the Orcs The Many Pennies try and understand what the orcs and druids were planning. Also, Keth does some self-reflection.   Support us on Patreon Come and join our Discord Server Follow us on twitter @AdventureIncPod Like us on Facebook Check out our website Did you hear a quote you loved? Submit it for the year 5 introDon't forget to rate/review/subscribe! Check out this week's friends at Legion of Renob CastDungeon Master: Anthony ReedJebeddo: Mike EllisonJennuvera: Stephanie CrugnolaGillik: Josh HalladayAsher: Rob MulliganKeth: Mike Williams
Podcast: Roll to Fail
Episode: Roll to Fail: Starfinder Ep23 "Coda" ( 44.4 MB / 63:14)
The three amulets obtained, the crew returns to Last Bastion a final time to plot their next moves. A particularly vicious hairball crashes the party and what has happened, happens. Come talk with us: Discord Facebook at RolltoFailPod Twitter @RolltoFailPod Instagram @RolltoFailPod Reddit /r/RolltoFailPod   Cast: Lauren Chris Sean Callie Parker Jess   Intro "Sci-fi"  Interstitial Music  Outro: "Orbit" Joshua Woodward
Podcast: Table Top Babble
Episode: 121 - The Cypher System with Christopher Robin Negelein ( 0 MB / 56:48)
James Introcaso chats with game designer Christopher Robin Negelein about the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games.
Podcast: The Tome Show
Episode: Uncaged Anthology (Round Table 165) ( 124.48 MB / 88:27)

Round Table 165 - Uncaged Anthology!

Get to Know You Question:

What got you into Dungeons and Dragons in the first place?

Buy Uncaged Volume 1 in print or PDF!

Our Fabulous Guests!
Ashley Warren (she/her)



Gwen B (she/her)





Liz Gist (They/them)


Other: Extraordinary Inns and Taverns  by Cat Evans and Liz Gost


Cat Evans (She/Her)


Other: Extraordinary Inns and Taverns  by Cat Evans and Liz Gost


Nemo Bueno (he/they)



Jessica Marcrum (she/her)



News Articles:

MT Black 1 page dungeon contest

Uncaged Art teasers

Contact The Round Table Cast:

Paige -


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Round Table -

Things Heard in this Show:

Adobe CS2 - freeeee!

Dyson Logos Maps - freeeee!

Extraordinary Inns and Taverns  by Cat Evans and Liz Gost


Podcast: Tabletop Potluck
Episode: A Town Called Malice Episode 4: To What End ( 71.18 MB / 31:07)
CW: DEATH As the citizens of Malice chase down the secrets of the darkness, their own secrets come forth. Old quarrels resolve, and new grievances appear. A town changes.   CAST    Sally Chan: Tove Adams   
Ray Goldberg: Sigrid Halverson   
Matthew James Marquez: Jason Argo   
Megan Scharlau: Zackie Marshall and Narrator         SOUNDTRACK   
Theme music by Riley Allen,    "Flying Too Close To The Sun" by Brad Prevedoros, Neil Golden, & Greg Joy, "Moving emotional piano hero track" by Daniel Bordovsky, "Died For Love Piano Solo" by C. Zatta, and "Autumn of Life" by Jason Donnelly (    "Happy Alley" Kevin MacLeod (   
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License   This Episode is sponsored by Kwest   Learn more about A Town Called Malice at   Find out more about Tabletop Potluck at   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter   Support us at
Episode: Mouseguard - A Canadian Tale - Season 01 Episode 05 ( 110.37 MB / 122:33)
Sponsored by Fievel Goes West ----more---- The guard head towards their final shipment, but run afoul of the cats of the skies. After a thrilling adventure, they find a final confrontation awaits them to test all of their skills.
Episode: Episode 52: A Murder Most Fowl ( 95.82 MB / 69:47)
The gang spends some much-needed downtime in Mulhound, establishing a sheriffery and a language school. Then, while shopping at Fantasye Samme's Clubbe, they receive a mysterious summons. What's Your Damage? is a D&D 5th edition actual-play podcast featuring Seattle comedians Sadie Blake, Elliott Rose, Parker Postyeni, Ryan Casey, and Chris Palmer. Heavily influenced by pop culture, bad singing, and the McElroy family of products. Find us on Twitter: @WYDpod or email us at
Episode: PTG153 – Life or Games Part I ( 43.36 MB / 47:21)
Show us how you adjust your gaming for your life! This is part one of a two parter we ACTUALLY ANTICIPATED. Go us! Phil and Senda talk about adjusting your […]
Episode: Episode 60: Cramped Quarters: Farewell to W.A.D.E. (NerdSmith sub drive 2019) ( 57.54 MB / 62:50)
Episode 60: Cramped Quarters: Farewell to W.A.D.E. (NerdSmith sub drive 2019)

The crew go through some rough times travelling through the Black.

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Episode: Episode 96 - Heads in the Clouds ( 73.66 MB / 58:18)

The gang makes a scene in the mountains and draws the attention of its denizens. Jha'rell attempts to negotiate...

Thank you all for listening! We're on Discord! Join us at! You also can write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop us an e-mail at

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Episode: Lesson # 81: Spring Spells and Dragons ( 40.04 MB / 29:10)
We are back from Spring Break! On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about the homebrewed Spring Spells for your D&D 5th Edition game. You and your players (at least in the colder climates) survived a harsh winter. Why not celebrate the new season in your campaign with some lighthearted spells. Some of them are a bit wacky, but we are pretty proud of them!  Did these two teachers help revivify your campaign with some fun homebrew? Help Josh and Matt out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend, teacher, or student. New listeners are the best way to help us grow as a podcast. Thanks again for all of your support! Detentions and Dragons is a proud member of the Block Party Podcast Network! Check out our show and other great D&D and gaming podcast at or where ever you download podcasts! Today's Ambient Sounds and Music track, Halfling Festival, provided by Tabletop Audio. You can find more of their fantastic music for your D&D game at  
Episode: After Party 02 ( 66.64 MB / 60:41)
The party discusses Sessions 04, 05, 06, meta gaming and party cohesion Like our Stuff? Let us know on social media! Connect with us: Twitter: @IncorrigiblePar Instagram: Facebook: Website: Intro Music provided by: Josh JarvisContact Josh for your music needs! All other music courtesy of The Incorrigible Party podcast is sponsored by the amazing and very generous Critical Hit Design!
Episode: A Rat Called Bill [Episode 10] ( 100.66 MB / 54:59)
Under the South Broadway Athletic Club there is more than meets the eye, and someone who knows what’s what. Cast: Collateral – Maddie Binary – Dorthea Eris – Shannon Arsenal – Lindsey Gamemaster/Producer – Eric Intro Music by Synthezx Background Music by Machinima Sound The post A Rat Called Bill [Episode 10] appeared first on Resting Glitch Face.
Episode: CVGAP #088 - Monster of the Week - The Oakwood Mauler ( 192.62 MB / 159:39)
Episode: The Town of Ironwill - E7 - The Gray Boys ( 139.54 MB / 60:57)
The crew have defeated the dwarf who was “waiting” for them but the battle isn’t over yet, enemies still lurk in the depths. The team also ends up making some unexpected changes to the teams roster. What will the crew find as they continue forward? What are these roster changes we speak of? Listen now to find out!  Intro Music Courtesy of Gogol Bordello Patreon Patrons for This Episode: Casey Smith Cheryl Maplefish Craig Thibodeau Jacob Guede Jeffrey Maris Katerina B Morningdew Dice Bags Rachel Lindley Sierra Jones Tarken Davis (aka Ghost of Timmy the Mute) Wes Isham Zophar Petty Help us out! Become a Patreon! Be sure to follow us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Visit us here   You can send us snail mail to: Bards & Nobles P.O. Box 381061 Birmingham, AL 35238
Episode: Episode 311: Rats in a Barrel ( 28.79 MB / 31:14)
The Crowes get a taste of the maze, and a new kind of horror.
Episode: Know Direction: Beyond – Has Starfinder Fixed High Level Play? ( 24.39 MB / 0:00)
What is high level Starfinder play like? Now that Alex and James have started playing Book 6 of Starfinder’s first Adventure Path: Dead Suns, they’re here to talk about it with real world experience. Has Starfinder found the solution to one of the 3.5 OGL’s biggest pain points? Listen Now! (mp3)  
Podcast: Radio Grognard
Episode: The Script Or The Hook? ( 10.06 MB / 10:59)

I talk about modules and how I prefer plot hooks for campaign use.

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Episode: Fellowship #1: The Age of Magic ( 80.44 MB / 58:39)
Dearest listener, It is my great pleasure to introduce you to this tale's primary figures. This episode contained sound effects from and from the following users: jobro with "Big boom," available here: frostyandroid with "chimes_crowd noise," available here: Music for this episode was gathered from Specifically, the following recordings were used: Orchestra Gli Armonici's recording of Bach's "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben," available here: The US Airforce Band's recording of Debussy's "La Mer," available here: Musopen Symphony's recording of Smetana's "Má vlast - Vltava," available here:
Episode: Episode 47: Storm's Coming ( 88.98 MB / 64:48)
Fifty floors up as a thunderstorm rolls in, the Crew must contend with a group of armed and dangerous Mafia soldiers as well as members of the Ratpack darting from shadow to shadow. And to make matters worse, the whole place is rigged to blow! Support us on Patreon: Music in this episode: Hard Choices by Chris T. Richardson
Episode: Botched: A D&D Podcast S4 EP4 Lookin For Bougars ( 77.49 MB / 69:32)
Welcome to Botched: A D&D Podcast! The memory of our defenders against evil have still not returned. The hope is that working a case may bring some clarity. The first monster in their crosshairs? The Jersey Devil. I mean, it’s just a myth right? There’s not some goat-headed, bat winged, voracious creature running around murdering people right? It is possible the myths were true after all. They first need to gather some information from the source; The Broncks Bulletin. One way or another, with voluntary or involuntary help, they are going to find this beast. Is it actually the Jersey Devil? How good are these men at monster hunting? Will their memories ever return? What would they do if they had a “free” printing press? Tune in and find out! Join in on the banter as these dickheads whose understanding of the rules is questionable, and their moral compasses are even more so, stumble through dungeons, traps, monsters, and social intricacies as they attempt to complete a quest for wholly selfish reasons. If you are a veteran dragon slayer from the long long ago of the 1970’s or a newbie who is interested in hearing what this devil worshipping game is all about, Botched: A D&D Podcast is the DnD Podcast for you. As mentioned, we are playing 5th edition rules, so if you’ve never played this version of the game before, listening to us will give you an idea of how it may be different from previous versions of the game. 5th edition is a great rule set to start playing the game with. Find out if there’s a local game near where you live at comic book or game stores. Hell, buy some books, buy some dice, get some food and drinks and invite your friends over to play with you for completely different experience! A special shout out and thank you to all of our supporters over on Patreon. You help us continue to churn out “quality” episodes. With your continued support we can upgrade our dining room, I mean studio, with better quality microphones, sound proofing and merchandise. Help us achieve our goals and reap the benefits as we will begin producing novellas of the seasons, behind the scenes features and live shows! Check out our store over at Botched Podcast where you can find tshirts, stickers, prints and more! Thank you to those who have taken the time to give us a 5 star review over on Itunes! It helps the show grow, and we greatly appreciate it! A big big thank you to the following: Zlw365 Elliebells 1543 Nigel Molassesfinger Castle McFall Joshua Archiquette Pokemon In D&D Fearravine Kory Sarracini Chuggzernaut Pmbear SiroVai123 Aatamos UltDave BlackGary BigJim Badbreatth Skuuf Noverton Riku210 Ninjagod99 HiyaitsSandi Admaletz Acinda FlipFlapAgronomacus Selfcleaningmutant Falcon Phire Captain Hygiene Johndonmoyer Littlefam90 Iluvpasta47 Walter Rice Fishdick69 Stargatesnatch Icantpay Chanticlear22 Nubian Guido Kitkat the Katkat NightmareLovely Wonderlandreject Kitchenaidfleshlight Missourimule Raegun11:11 Gjkkgffg C-rad Tummytickler Cruddyredneck1 SlyThyToves Saggywheels Charles TheBarles xSpaceyToastx Lindsayjean777 Codeneuf The Nickinator Andrew J L Leather Lorcan07 Ventex2k Latitude One J R Spears Cjbrill Bit Block Tkoftw03 Spydre101 Farbs216 Crayola511 Hotketchup Askander37 More Misfits The Zelus Katie Emm Name Is Pending Yoyoyo highs and lows SMDORP Exploding Mr. Potato Head Baby Joe Pagura BHolz34 The Daft One Ninjaguyx2   Typie72 Chuck Billy TommyJonzThe1 KnightroExpress Takenffsdammit Ashypink99 Thank you not only to our supporters on Patreon, but also to all of those who are listeners.
Episode: Episode 75: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts ( 39.66 MB / 38:20)
Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas Podcast, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age RPG needs! We wish we could say we are all healthy and happy to take on this new episode, but we aren't quite living the high life like the folks with the Orlesian Noble Background! Leona joins Reyn to discuss being a noble from one of the most powerful nations in Thedas, and how you can game the Game! If you would like to submit a question or some custom content for the Dragon Age RPG, you can leave it here or send it to us through our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Soundcloud! You can email us at or send a private message to Kot the Protector or Healerpuff on the Green Ronin forums, or Kot or Lisse on the d20 Radio forums! Thanks for listening, Thedosians!
Episode: [Nightlife: Black & White] "Something Wicked" (Episode 2) ( 0 MB / 0:00)

We spend about the first half of the session going back and establishing Aaron's place in the larger Anarch hierarchy, his barony, and his internal metaphysical landscape before getting down to brass tacks as we explore Aaron's burgeoning relationship with Sam Morningstar, Anarch politics, and ongoing metaphysical struggles.

The wiki may be found here.

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Episode: S1E71 - Steelver Spoon - Part 4 ( 43.39 MB / 31:20)

Chief Trevor Steel and Party-Chief Kip Simpkins manage to supervise the leadership management.

Episode: S2 | 081: Tombdrone ( 97.42 MB / 70:21)
The Phoenix's Respite crew, turned Revolutionaries, investigate the graveyard on the outskirts of the colony. But they find more than just tombstones there.
Episode: Episode 49 – Mission: Impugnable ( 71.23 MB / 73:19)
The party receives a royal invitation, only to be told they are forbidden to speak of it. Azlo exhibits floral fastidiousness. Tokas designs the perfect gift. Shabba becomes bilingual.
Episode: Episode S04E29 – We Do the Job, and We Get Paid ( 38.54 MB / 0:00)
The crew launch their ambush to secure their target, with the plan to trade the target to a local crime boss to free their child-fans from slavery. Dealing with the crime lords never goes smoothly, and even the best laid plans don’t always survive contact with the enemy.   Notes: Season 4 finale! Look for […]
Podcast: Dungeon Drunks
Episode: Dungeon Drunks Ep 161 Prep And Hug ( 41.41 MB / 42:12)

Our heroes level up, talk to the guards who can tell them about the path to the Mind Flayers, and prepare for a dangerous journey!

Special thanks to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for the free gold chest! Check them out: (

Find out more about our show at 
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If you like what we do leave us a review and consider supporting us on Patreon:

Dungeon Master: Lauren Urban (Twitter: @OboeCrazy
Burnice Q. Burns: Julia "Juls" (Twitter: @Guilia_Rossa
Quarlton Tanks: John Sedlack (Twitter: @that_film_guy IG: @that_film_guy) 
Jonathan The MagiMuscular: Jonathan Serna (Twitter: @road_block, IG: @roadblockactual) 
Travancore: Jack Edathil (Twitter: @jackedathil; IG: @jackisglib) 

Art by Luke McKay (, music by Linnea Boyev ( with oboe performance by Lauren (OboeCrazy) Urban (, and Dungeons & Dragons 5e system by Wizards of the Coast (

Episode: Episode 25 - Exalted The Dragon Blooded What Fire Has Wrought Review ( 43.89 MB / 95:53)

We return to Exalted to discuss the first major expansion to Exalted 3rd Edition in the form of Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought. The book introduces the Dragon-Blooded as playable characters in Exalted 3rd Edition. The book takes a deep look at the Dragon-Blooded society of the Realm and highlights Dragon-Blooded from beyond the Blessed Isle as well.

Exalted 3rd Edition is available through DriveThru RPG:

Our character for this episode is Cynis Lashi:

You can download Lashi and her artifact here: 

Our artist is Noah Hirka. You can find more of his work at the following links:

To help support the show, share it, or rate and review on your podcast service of choice. We've also set up a Patreon page if you would like to support us financially: We'll use your donations to pay our artist and cover the hosting costs for the show. For a one-time donation, you can use PayPal:

Our intro outro music is composed by James Horan. To contact him regarding composition, send him an email:

Additional music from Fanfare for the Chosen: the Exalted 3rd Music Suite by James Semple and Onyx Path. Available for purchase on Copyright 2016 White Wolf Entertainment. All rights reserved.


Episode: Episode 461: Fallout pen and paper actual play session 1 part 1 ( 136.09 MB / 99:05)

This week we begin our actual play session of Fallout the pen and paper version of the computer game.  Join Trav, Dana, and Ken as they trek across the wasteland, trying to survive.

Podcast: 10de10
Episode: Semana dos 10 #161 | A dica perfeita pra animar qualquer festa em casa ( 103.44 MB / 73:56)

Dabul, Esperon, Gustavo e Marina dobram seus celulares, não se empolgam com as novas feitiçarias de 'Sabrina' e descobrem a melhor forma de animar uma festa em casa.

O Semana dos 10 é o nosso podcast semanal no qual toda segunda nos juntamos para falar sobre o que assistimos e jogamos nos últimos 7 dias, contar histórias e comentar as últimas notícias.

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00:00 > Intro

03:50 > DLC das semanas passadas

10:27 > Filmes

21:44 > Séries

40:13 > Jogos

54:07 > Diversos

58:51 > Notícias

Episode: Season 3 Episode 10: Sun Glasses Please ( 30.19 MB / 43:58)
It's a bit of a stretch for the ladies. In a surprising turn of events, they're still trying to get ready for their desert trip. However, will that weird little gnome guy and his camels do the trick?
Episode: Ep. 32 - Tommy's Got A Gun ( 136.18 MB / 102:46)

Having seen just what awaits them in the final of the Arena the party decide that killer robots may be the better option. It's time to gear up and infiltrate a government research base, how dangerous could that possibly be?

Join Matt Dennis (, Flo Dennis ( and James Bunkell ( as they descend with a joke and a laugh into a dark and twisted world created by DM and host Adam Cookson (

For backstory, artwork and bonus details see our website: 

Podcast: Tavern Chat
Episode: E340 - I Pop Open a Can of Gygax Beer! ( 9.32 MB / 10:04)

My brother in law sent me over a can of Gygax Beer for my Easter Dinner. I pop one open and give my taste review :)

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Podcast: The Chimera
Episode: 2.22 [Misplaced] When the Brass Ox Dies ( 43.51 MB / 63:22)

Something has gone wrong at the Princess.


Main theme: “Hoof, Heart, & Hiss” by Matt Weber


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Josh Hall-Bachner:

Braden Lamb:

Jeffrey Bard:

Kacey Smith: [stand in front of a mirror at midnight and call her name three times]

Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson:

Vin LaBate: and also

Podcast: High Rollers DnD
Episode: High Rollers: Aerois | #32 - Whispers of the Void (Part 1) ( 64.91 MB / 70:53)

A silver masked woman with a glowing red broadsword stands in a room filled with darkness and void. I think it's time to roll initiative!

Thanks to our sponsors D&D Beyond and Displate!

Displate offer durable, steel, high quality canvases with a huge choice of artwork from a wide selection of artists! The High Rollers have a collection that you can view here:

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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Episode: Season 11 - Episode 4 - A Meal, Drink and Dancing ( 77.72 MB / 61:44)

Grot and Dante are investigating a small innocent town. There is something up, but uncovering it is going to take subtlety, care and attention. So this is the perfect team for the job.


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