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Gates of Madness

A gaming blog, where rhyme and reason are nowhere to be found.
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2018: A Look Ahead

Jesse Metcalf
United States
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We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.
You must be, or you wouldn’t have come here.
As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself evaluating my various board game "challenges" to see if they were "effective". That's not the best way of putting it. I find myself so focused on the challenges that I forget why I have them.

Overall the focus is to obtain fewer games and play the ones I have. I don't think the goals were that successful overall.


Goal One: Gaming Austerity

The focus of this goal is to acquire fewer games. Overall I guess I did. I constantly sold or traded games to get new ones. But I still feel like I have more games that I can play.

Goal Two: Shelf of Opportunity

The focus of this goal is to reduce the number of unplayed games by either playing them or trading them away. The problem with selling or trading games to get new ones is that you get new unplayed games in the process. The shelf didn't shrink. Instead, its contents just changed.

Goal Three: 7x7 Challenge

The focus of this goal is to play the games I own. I did this very well, even though I may not have played them 7 of them 7 times. Given that I like variety, playing a single game 5 or more times in a year is great.

Goal Four: Go To Conventions

In hindsight, this goal served little purpose other than to make me feel bad when misfortune prevented me from attending conventions. It was a silly goal, as I love to go to conventions.

So what goals do I want to set for 2018?

I like the idea of combining the playing games goal with the Shelf of Opportunity goal. I think reducing the number of required plays is okay, as I play a lot of different things (plus I am playing and/or GMing 1-2 RPGs at a given moment).


Goal One: 5x5 Challenges

Five New Games

These would be games that are new to me, having never been played and on my Shelf. Examples include: Great Western Trail, Clank, Battlestar Galactica, a few others, plus any Christmas presents I get this year. If I had to set a list now, it would be:

1 (Christmas present #1-hopefully Charterstone)
2 (Christmas present #2-hopefully The Colonists)
3 Great Western Trail
4 Clank!
5 Battlestar Galactica

Five Old Favorites

These would be games I own and have already played. If I had to pick my five right now, they would be:

1 Terraforming Mars
2 Scythe
3 Steam, Rails to Riches
4 The Networks
5 Champions of Midgard

Goal Two: Collection Management

A: Play What I Have

The rule of this goal is to not acquire new games until my entire shelf of unplayed games is empty (either through play or trade/sale). As of today, these games include:

Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure
Best Treehouse Ever
Friese's Landlord
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Zoo Ball
Battlestar Galactica
Space Empires: 4X
Last Friday
Tiny Epic Quest
Jump Ship!
Stowaway 52
Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game
Food Truck Champion

B: Limit New Games

The purchase of new games is limited to SIX games for the year 2018.

Exemptions to the purchase rule include:
E Games I receive as gifts or prizes.
E Kickstarters (I don't back many games, and there is no guarantee of delivery).
E Games on preorder or en route.
E Games obtained through trades.
E Expansions to games I own.

I think these revised goals will help me keep my collection at a size I am happy with. They will help me focus on enjoying what I have instead of yearning for what I don't.
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