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Christian Heckmann
Rheinland Pfalz
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A while ago, a friend of mine suggested that he'd be interested (or let's rather say "not completely disinclined") in reading the incoherent ramblings I unleash upon the oblivious boards from time to time in a more structured blog-form. I thought about it back then and it seemed a bit much for me to manage in my spare time, since I wasn't so hot on putting another project on my resumé that'd die a silent death within two weeks or so.
But then, a few days ago, I spent about four hours compiling my thoughts and experiences about a single boardgame into a review and afterwards I felt like "Yeah, that was something, I think I could do that again" (by the way, feel free to read said review, it is... something, I guess). So here goes nothing, yours truly in blog-form for the next two-and-a-half weeks or so, until I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility once again and neglect the whole thing until nobody even remembers it existed in the first place. Yey.

First things first, who exactly am I and why do I think that anybody could be interested in what pops into my mind from time to time? Well, hi, I'm Chris, born in '87, still studying (computer science at the moment, but in the past, that changed from time to time), working as a sysadmin at the university clinic here in Mainz, Germany, and a gamer and general geek since my early childhood (that is if I wanted to identify by some arbitrary subculture-tag, which I usually don't).

I grew up with board- and videogames, TV and movies, comics and literature as well (since learning to read and write at the age of four or so), discovered tabletop RPGs during my later school years, lost sight of general boardgaming somewhere along the way and rediscovered the hobby around 2009/2010 or so and have been going strong in it ever since. I run a bi-weekly open boardgame-meetup here in Mainz (feel free to drop by if you're around here), host private sessions at my own home on a semi-regular basis and am pretty much always interested in discovering new opportunities to play some games, should they not collide with the rest of my illustrious personal life.

But the main reason I am writing now is because all throughout my life, I've been quite interested in finding ways to express myself in creative ways. I've started numerous initiatives to write a novel or something like that, played the guitar and sang in different bands (one of which I was also the main songwriter), ran a short-lived movie project group back at the end of high school (you can find one of our short films here, happy guessing which one of these gentlemen is me, about twelve years younger than today) and all throughout this, I always tried to find ventures to get my humble opinion out there for people to read or hear or what have you, first in the form of a string of movie reviews for a few internet forums, afterwards as a freelance-journalist for different web- and printzines, writing movie- and music-reviews as well as the occasional piece about comicbooks (although that's far from my field of expertise, but then again, what is?). And if there's one thing I learned all throughout my many endeavors, it is the fact that I really can... well, do things, if I put my mind to it.

Well, sucks that I'm so incredibly lazy.

But enough about me, what am I trying to accomplish with this blog here? I'm not exactly sure about the full extent yet, perhaps I'll use it as an outlet for my day-to-day-thoughts, perhaps as a means to bring structure into my perception of the boardgame-world, perhaps just as something to kill time with and entertain people. Who knows? As said, perhaps this thing will be dead in the water a week or two from now. We'll see.
What I'm definitely planning on is chronicling new arrivals to (and perhaps also departures from) my game collection, snappy, short session reports (less geared toward "What happened?" and more like "How did I like it?"), perhaps interspersed with thoughts about RPGs and RPG sessions (since I've reactivated a few members of my old groups to delve into one-shot-gaming a while back), video games (since I'm pretty close to finishing my second playthrough of Persona 4 Golden and afterwards, I think I'm gonna seize the moment to gush about that marvel of a game for a few hourse or so) and - since I like to consider myself something like a Renaissance man of popular culture (but then again, who doesn't?) - perhaps the odd movie, series, book, comic or CD. We'll see.

What can you expect? Well, there's a certain thread that runs through all of my media-preferences: I love a good story. Be it movie, video game, book or boardgame, if I can afterwards talk at length about what something was about, that's a good sign. I also like it when things blow up real good, if you know what I mean. And I'm a sucker for offbeat-stuff in general. Movies like "Six String Samurai" or "John Dies At The End", "Twin Peaks" (the first two seasons, the third was pretty bad if you asked me), the whole "Shin Megami Tensei"-canon or the boardgames of the great Nate Hayden, just to name a few. Also, the writing of Clive Barker. And... to go a bit more mainstream... yeah, the MCU in general.

So... yeah, that's what you can expect from me in the near future. I hope. A friend of mine's coming over in an hour and a half or so for an evening of boardgaming. So perhaps 24 hours from now, you'll see how long I could hold the spirits high for this new venture. Cheers.
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